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The GoldMaking Ethics is a series of Warcraft Opinion Articles documenting responses to ethical questions posed on Twitter on 8 May 2018.

Tweets are presented out of context, and you can click them to read the rest of the conversation.  You are always welcome to chat with me on twitter where my name is @thegoldqueen and you can find Gold Dragon here also @Dragonbearjoe


We have 9 articles for you to read, culminating in a TGQ Long Read with my own opinions. Today, we’re looking at a particularly dodgy, yet totally legitimate, method of making gold in warcraft: AFK farming. It’s not (yet?) a widely used method of gold farming requiring very little input

All stories were gathered in a judgement-free atmosphere. I understand if you disagree with other people or get upset by it, but during the Ethics Questions, we are examining responses in a detached scientific manner.



Some didn’t understand what AFK farming was


I’m not going to call out any gold making teachers at all, because differences between our methods does not make one good and one bad.  This is a judgmental-free zone right now!

However I do need to explain what I mean by “AFK Farming”

You need a windwalker monk, and a location where mobs spawn quickly, such as

  • Southern Barrens
  • Shadow Labyrinth dungeon
  • Nagrand Clefthoof
  • Silithus Twilight Base Camp

Spec your Monk with Chi Orbit and Black Ox Statue

In summary, your ox statue taunts all the mobs and Chi Orbit kills them.  You need only tab back to your screen every 5 minutes to loot.  It’s like botting, but its totally legitimate.

What interested me was whether legitimate meant ethical to TGQ website readers?  Remember: non judgemental! Just wanted to know a wide variety of opinions.


Honesty is Best

Ashwind says bugs and cheats are a cheap way of doing things.

Its not worth it

KT_Deathope says gold teachers have a responsibility to point out what’s ethical and what’s not.

Botting is a no-no

Not AFK Farming, but botting is no way acceptable in WoW, says Bradley


Over to you

AFK Farming.  Its totally legitimate, its very easy, and it works.  How do you feel about it? Exploit or Clever way to make gold? I’m open to hearing your opinions!


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