In May 2018 we faced a difficult decision, warning readers that the website had “6 months to live”, unless we became profitable.

We said “We want to give you TGQ for free forever.  But without support, TGQ is scheduled to close on 1 November 2018”


Since then, our founder, Alyzande, has accepted an offer to study a Masters postgraduate degree at university. A full time course.

We’re also not quite profitable.

The TGQ team have been making hard decisions.  One option was to close down every part of TGQ, the blog, the social media, the newsletters, the video guides, the email support, and stop offering free coaching.

We didn’t want to do that.  

Another option was to sell out. Plaster the website with adverts. Downgrade the quality. We didn’t want to do that either.

For 8 years, TGQ has been the world’s best world of warcraft gold making blog, dedicated to giving you strategies, tips, and free guides.

Our work has always been 80% free, 20% available to paid supporters.


Announcement: From September 2018, TGQ is going pro.

Instead of a 80/20 divide, TGQ will be changing to a 20/80 divide.

Our focus will be on providing information, guides, and content to patreon supporters, with extras for the free blog, rather than the other way around.

We may also close the Free Gold Making Email Course in the near future, depending on the costs.  If you want to take part in the course, now is the best time to sign up.


How does that affect you, the reader?

The blog at will still have articles by The Gold Dragon with occasional content by TGQ founder.

It won’t be quite as frequent.

It will still be the same high quality you expect.

The Patreon website, newsletters and video courses will receive 80% of the focus of time, content, and guides. Instead of 20%.

No more free coaching advice by email, only over web page comments, or on social media.  Sorry but we can no longer afford to value our time at zero.


How does that affect you, the Patreon supporter?

This is the best part.  TGQ is now *your* worker.

The change in focus means more videos for you, more newsletters, more information, more TSM strings, more farming maps, more addons, more of everything we can think of.

You support us, and in thanks we want to focus on you now, rather than on providing free content.


Where can you find the TGQ team?

Postremeh on twitter

The Gold Dragon on twitter  no o in gold

The Gold Queen on twitter


Email: Sorry, the free coaching has been discontinued!


The Future

We’re looking forwards to a day when the video guide is complete and released.

We’re looking forwards to a day when the TGQ website can have other writers and team members and return to full-time service.  (Is that you? contact us!)

As for Alyzande, I’m looking forward to graduating with a Masters from my university, and spending time caring for the family before they get too old to need me!

UPDATE 2021.

Well that didn’t work out lol