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Big Red Raygun Farming

Big Red Raygun Farming Big Red Raygun Farming from Dr Weavil, Alcaz Island, Dustwallow Marsh. 50000g+ The Big Red Raygun drops from Dr Weavil on Alcaz Island.   Alcaz Island was once part of the AQ40 opening quest chain, and even housed Varian Wrynn during his kidnap during vanilla / classic world of warcraft. Unfortunately, […]


How To Check Profitable Mats on Wowuction

How To Check Profitable Mats on Wowuction You’ve heard of the Undermine Journal, but do you know about Wowuction?! Wowuction has been around for a long time, and is a perfect complement to the Undermine Journal. Whenever someone asks me which is the “best” profession in World of Warcraft (trick question, they’re all great for […]

How to Obtain the Steelbound Harness Recipe

How to Get the Steelbound Harness Recipe In patch 7.03,  Blizzard introduced a new crafting mount that could be sold on the Auction House The profession of blacksmithing had never received a mount to sell of their own. With the introduction of the Steelbound Harness World of Warcraft, Blacksmiths were given a new gold making revenue […]

Wyrmtongue Caches for Gold

Wyrmtongue Caches for Gold Now that Artifact Power can be vendored for gold, farming Wyrmtongue Caches and other AP treasures gives you gold. Since the next step in Silithus quest chain was implemented 26/27 June 2018, Artifact Power can now be vendored. We're working on a hotfix for this now. https://t.co/V5ppzUIcSj — WarcraftDevs (@WarcraftDevs) June […]

Silithus: The Wound, The Rares

Silithus: The Wound, The Rares Everyone is running to Silithus to max out their artifact weapon. Completing Magni’s quest gives you maximum artifact power. The zone is full of players on their alts, leveling up their weapons. While you are in Silithus, make sure you look for the new rares in the zone.   Ogmot […]

Gold Queen’s BfA Prep Advice

Gold Queen’s BfA Prep Advice It’s nearly expansion time! Time to stock up on items that will rise in price, and dump all the old things that will no longer of any use.     Items to Dump for Battle for Azeroth Bear Tartare and Fighter Chow. Nerfed Hexweave bags They will be useful in […]


Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue When we talk about goldmaking in World of Warcraft, you will often hear these three pieces of advice: Buying and selling at the right time.  Buying low when mats are cheaper, and selling, flipping, when supply is low and prices higher. Diversification. Never depending on a single market for your gold, […]

Warcraft Burn Out Advice

Warcraft Burn Out Advice I get it. It’s the end of expansion. All there is left to do is farm the raids, play with archaeology, complete achievements that are going away soon, make gold, make some more gold, and desperately try and find a group that is still doing early expansion achievements that you still […]


Sell the Clothes off Your Back

Sell the Clothes off Your Back “Sell everything that’s not tied down. And if it is tied down, charge extra for the rope” is a famous TGQ saying. Every gold adds up, and sometimes players go to desperate measures, taking their new toons and characters to the Auction House and selling their starter gear. These […]

Blizzard Developers Announce Major Change in Pet Charms in Battle for Azeroth

Blizzard Developers Announce Major Change in Pet Charms in Battle for Azeroth Pet charms that are exchanged for pet stones and other pet items will be going through a major change in BfA. Current Pet Charms will be known as Shiny Pet Charms Polished Pet Charms will be available during Battle For Azeroth Content Vendors […]


How to Get Cheap Herbs

How to Get Cheap Herbs Your Warcraft profits come from the difference between sales income, and cost of the materials. For Inscription and Alchemy your materials are herbs. The lower you can obtain your herbs, the bigger your profit will be. You’ll be able to undercut your competitor if that’s your thing. Here’s five ways […]