Why do I not give all 13 weeks out at once

1.   Each person is an individual and we tailor it to individuals.   Some players like to farm,  others like to craft or work the AH.  There is no catch all to say go here,  do this and always make gold.   Each person is as different as a fingerprint.

2.  Each week builds on the previous weeks ‘lessons’.    To dump 13 weeks of information on a person would either scare them or cause them to shut down.
Our experience has been to offer the teaching in smaller chunks instead of force feeding the entire pie.

3.  There is no easy way to make gold.   Making gold requires an investment in time management.   Whether it is an hour or several hours,  how much time and how you spend it will determine your success.

4.  The course is attempting to help you build a system.  The system is built with not just one toon in mind but multiple toons and multiple wealth opportunities.   If you cherry pick only the things that look good you will be successful,  but not nearly as successful as working the system from start to finish.

5. If you don’t have enough work and feel you have done everything up to that point in your email courses,  there will still always be other things found in the TGQ discord and on the web page or twitter feed.
There are always other places within The Gold Queen universe to find opportunities to learn and practice gold making.

6.  Only practice makes something perfect.  The same thing with learning these steps in the guide.   You will make mistakes,  and you can learn from those mistakes.

7.  When the guide was offered in one chunk, many players suffered overwhelming burnout.   They see this massive system and said ‘I can’t do that’ and never made it to the end.
So experience has showed us that offering a weeks work of homework works better than expecting someone to learn the manual in one serving.

8.  Enthusiasm and determination makes a difference. The same commitmen that we offered in writing the email course guide,  the journal entries and the patreon guide is the same committment that we ask anyone who wants to make gold to make.   Not always the same amount of time,  but the same type of want and desire to make gold.   Building a gold making system and not just a follow the leader type of system.

9.  We do not know everything.   What we do know is what works and what doesn’t work.   So the goal with the email system is to offer not only where to find gold but also how to develop your own instincts that one person might not see.

10.  Each server is different.  A gold making opportunity might not work on every server.  So building the system allows you to determine this quickly.   The foundation is built through the weekly emails instead of just offering the pie at one serving.