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Giving Back Part 3 | How to Start Again

How to Start Again Yesterday I showed you how to choose who to give your gold to. Once its gone, its time to start again. Starting from scratch is exhilarating and exciting but can be really scary and intimidating. You have a lot of concerns…
They called him Dances With Fire

Giving Back Part 2 | How to Give It Away

How to Give Away Your Gold Yesterday I introduced the challenge of starting Mists of Pandaria with no gold. You could selfishly fill your pockets with vanity items like I did. Or you could give the gold back to the community, the players. Who…
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Giving Back Part 1 | Why Start from Zero?

Start with Zero Gold Why start with No Gold? One idea for a brand new expansion is to start with zero gold. After crushing it in The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, I challenged myself to start from near zero in Cataclysm. To…
Jewelcrafting Profit Problems

Jewelcrafting pre-Mists of Pandaria Slump

End of Expansion Jewelcrafting   There comes a time between the end of the last batch of content, and the release of the new expansion, when raw gem prices and cut gem prices are near equal. There is no profit left in Jewelcrafting…
Pet Sales

Warcraft Battle Pets to Buy and to Sell Now

Sell Winterspring Cub.  Still selling like hotcakes. Sinister Squashling.  Between 700-1000g if you're quick.  These will plummet to 500g, 250g, then finally 100g in October 2012.   Buy Spring Rabbits Foot: 200g or less.  They're…
September 25

Mists of Pandaria Release 25th Sept

WORLD OF WARCRAFT®: MISTS OF PANDARIA™ ARRIVES SEPTEMBER 25 Fourth expansion brings tides of war to the shores of a long-lost continent Digital Deluxe and Retail Collector’s Editions revealed Presales NOW LIVE   Land,…
Enchanted Thorium Breastplate

Dump your Arcanite

Beta Enchanting Changes Bad news for sellers, the only rod ever used will be the copper rod. Enchanting All rods were removed, everything now uses a Copper Rod. Unless you have been selling Arcanite for another use, then get rid of…
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What's Your Gold Making Secret?

WoWinsider asked what is your gold making secret at their Breakfast Topic on 8th July. I wrote a quick n dirty response on a notepad and posted it up. All these tips are timeless, and will last you forever.   Know your buyers: What…

WoW Factor hits Argent Dawn EU

WoW Factor show came to Europe this week. This wasn't the first WoW Factor in Europe but the first I bumped into.  I support fellow gold bloggers, vloggers, streamers, and guide makers.  The Gold Making Community has always been a friendly…

Heavy Leather Shuffle

Cataclysm Leather makes Instant Gold No I haven't gone insane with a title like Heavy Leather Shuffle. Although let's pause for a moment to consider some well-leathered bikers shuffling down the street. In related advice, don't google "leather…

Royal Satchel Mists of Pandaria Bags

Royal Satchel Anyone making gold in World of Warcraft needs the biggest and best bags in the game. In Cataclysm these are Illusionary Bag []. 26 slot made with Dreamcloth. In Mists of Pandaria, tailors can now make Royal Satchels with…