How to Support The Gold Queen Blog

Our team are here to help you, over email, over Twitch, Twitter, Discord, Facebook and publishing new guides on the website as often as possible.

We are:

  • Amanda Sparkles, who helps with the deluge of email queries
  • Gold Dragon, who has joined the team as a guide writer
  • and of course TGQ herself, who writes guides and edits everything

We’ve been asked how to support the website.

Advert Free Zone

We know you don’t like ads.  It’s 100% ok to Adblock us!

The only adverts you will see on TGQ blog are:

Affiliate links.  Part of my job is to help you find the best way to make World of Warcraft Gold.  For some players, that means a paid-for gold guide.  If you buy a guide following my recommendation, I’ll receive a small percentage as an affiliate.

Links to my own Patreon, and to free guides like the Gold Making Email Course.



How To Support The Gold Queen

One off donation

You can make a one time donation to me as a gift by donating a “coffee”

What you get: a warm fuzzy feeling and if you poke me on twitter I’ll give you a hug too

Buy Me a Coffee at


Regular support

You can make a regular payment via Patreon.

What you get: Access to patreon-only Discord, Access to members-only Full HD Gold Making Course, watch as the guide is being created!



You can subscribe to TGQ channel on Twitch.

What you get: The Gold Queen coin emote to use in any Twitch stream.  A big thanks also.

You can also donate “bits” during livestreams. They appear on screen and I’ve got some fun vids to watch as a thanks.


No Cash?

Totally ok, I’m in a very similar position to you.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, did you know that you get a free Subscription to give away on Twitch?  You don’t need to pay a penny, just sign up for Twitch.

What you get: The same as paid-for Twitch subs. Yay! 


Ready to sign up for Amazon Prime?



No Amazon Prime?

You can “donate” retweets, you can tell your guildmates about TGQ, you can give advice, share ideas, or just hang out and help make the Discord atmosphere really welcoming.

You can donate hugs! I love hugs, come and chat to us on Discord or Twitter.