The Undermine Journal Best Sellers

Spying on your Warcraft Gold Farming Competition

STEP 1 – finding the competition

A) on TSM website

Go to the above website and check the name of your realm, it will then show you a list of the top sellers on your realm

Trade Skill Master Competitors

Trade Skill Master Competitors


B) on TUJ website

Sign into The Undermine Journal and choose your realm from the list.  The main realm page has a list of Top Sellers, Most Available and Potential Deals.

The Undermine Journal Best Sellers

The Undermine Journal Best Sellers


From there, it’s easy to add these names to your friends list, then watch your friends list to see when they log on, and where they are going.  Watching what they do can be the equivalent of watching a free gold farming guide.

STEP 2 tomorrow!

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  1. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Is there a way to tell whether or not these guys are horde or alliance? Like without logging in or going to the armory? Like checking from the tsm website?

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