The Spectral Tiger Owner’s Club

The Spectral Tiger Owner’s Club is a new column featuring the elite gold makers of World of Warcraft who have bought the expensive Trading Card Game Mount “Spectral Tiger”, either the rare blue, tiger, or the epic purple tiger mount.

Today we have Sparkles who will be sharing her success story.

Spectral Tiger

Please tell us a little about yourself, how long you have been playing Warcraft, and what parts of it you enjoy the most.
I have been playing WoW for about eight years now. I have found the social aspect of the game my favorite part. But I also love raiding, and of course, gold-making.

When did you see your first Spectral Tiger mount, and how did you feel?
I can’t quite remember exactly when I saw it at first, probably at some point in my newbie days. But I think I remember being pretty enamored with the giant, sparkly kitty.

How long did it take you to get the gold you needed for the Spectral Tiger?
I think it took me a little over two weeks to get the gold for the Spectral Tiger, but it took a month for one to actually show up on the auction house.

How much did your Spectral Tiger cost?
My Spectral Tiger cost 350,000 gold.

How did you get the gold you needed to pay for it? Did you use professions, garrisons, sell services for other players, or work the Auction House?
I used a combination of professions, garrisons, and working the auction house. I also farmed a little when I felt the urge. Most of my gold probably came from working the auction house though.

Thinking about how you made the gold you needed, how did you learn how to make it? Was it an easy process or was it a steep learning curve?
My fiancé showed me a lot in the way of making gold, mostly showing me how to set up TSM. I have also learned a lot from you and your website. I’ve even taken some knowledge from WoWProfitz. It was a pretty easy process for me considering the help I had.

What addons, if any, do you use to help you make gold?
The primary addon I use is TradeSkillMaster (TSM) and Postal.

Do you have any other gold making goals? Are there other mounts you want to own? Do you already have other status symbols?
I definitely have more gold making goals! A lot of them include mounts, namely the rest of the TCG mounts. I’m currently saving up for the Swift Spectral Tiger. I’m not sure I have much else in the way of status symbols aside from my Grand Expedition Yak perhaps.

What makes the Spectral Tiger so special? And when you got it, did you celebrate in any particular way?
The Spectral Tiger is special to me because it has no shortage of sparkles, and it’s just a really pretty mount in general. Of course, there’s something to be said for rarity as well. And yes, it definitely was celebrated! My fiancé and I were going to ride from Winterspring to Uldum, but it ended up as a parade made through group-finder. We ended up making this journey on /walk! It took a while, but it was a lot of fun.

Do you have any special gold making tips that you would like to share?
Absolutely! First off, it always helps to keep your goals in mind to keep yourself motivated. Secondly, if you want to get into gold making, there’s a wealth of resources at your fingertips and a great community to turn to for information and help. And lastly, make it in a way that’s fun for you!

What are your future plans with WoW?
I think my two main goals in WoW currently are to continue progressing with my guild in raiding, and to continue making gold.

Anything else to add?
I’ve had an awesome time with gold making, I always thought it would just be tedious but it really is so much fun. And as I think I’ve mentioned, the gold making community is great as well.


Thanks Sparkles, and welcome to the Spectral Tiger Owners Club!


Spectral Tiger

How to join the Spectral Tiger Owners Club

Contact me by email (contact form is best!) or poke me on twitter and we’ll chat.

I’m looking to hear from lots more Spectral Tiger Owners!

Send me screenshots, and stories about how you got your tiger.

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7 replies
  1. Zorlak
    Zorlak says:

    I have the swift one. I don’t even remember how much it cost me, as I got it a long time ago, but I can tell you how. Glyphs and more glyphs.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Glyphs were once the bread and butter of my empire. They are no longer the top seller. But I think you probably know: they still work, they still sell well.

  2. Cat
    Cat says:

    I sent you an email via the contact form. Usually in the past when I tried to do that….it actually bounced back to me saying that it wasnt a valid email sent to 🙁 If you could at least double check that. I did send you an emaiul in regards to the swift spectral tigers owners club 🙂

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      The website has quietly moved to a new host (one I can afford) and it didn’t come with email. I’m having to set that up again.

  3. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Hey, I wouldn’t mind chatting about a little gold-making! I’ve had many ups and downs over my 8 year wow career and am the proud owner of both spectral tiger mounts as well as several more TCG mounts.

    Hit me up, anytime!
    -Kaoskreator @ Mal’ganis

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