Hi Murray, thank you for joining us at Gold Queen!

Who are you in game?
Hi, right now I’m Hanahir, a night elf warrior, a miner on Nessingwary (US), he was the very first character I ever rolled and I still have him, and when I started playing him, I bought guide. I was still in the area where you are born, Teldrassil, and I found a guide before I left there because I like to know whats going on, I hate failing!  And so, I got a guide before I got out the of the original area. I got Dugi’s levelling guide and Zygor’s levelling guide, and they were great, they were good.  I didn’t follow it consistently, I refered to it, I got sidetracked too much! It’s a good way to jump ahead, but I was just enjoying this game, I just love this game.

Why do you enjoy making gold?
Because when you’ve got a bunch of gold in your purse its easy!  When you want something that’s really gonna boost your hp or whatever and you want to enhance that, or you want to buy gems etc, you don’t have to sit there and think “Jeeeez i dont have enough gold”, you can say “it’s gonna cost 150g, np I got it!”

Why did you start making gold?
After I left Teldrassil and got to Darnassus if I got my first 1g! I was just so happy.  A lot of times you’re picking up a copper here, a copper there, and I thought look at these people with this gear and I got into the auction house and realised I gotta start selling my stuff here and look at all this stuff and I can’t buy it, I can get bags here and I can’t buy it yet.  I looked through Google and stuff and thats when I starting finding these guides and I must have spent a couple of months looking through the guides.  I was most interested in content for my dollar spent, value, and so that’s when I went with Jonathans guide because what I saw at that time was Jonathan’s guide was probably the best out there so I went with his guide and I’ve had no regrets.


What was the best deal you ever made?
That is areally hard question, but I think it was 65 elementium bars for 2s 25c. When I bid on it, I just went in the auction, I thought “why dont I do a resale search” and the first screen, I found all these elementium bars, and the bid was nothing, so I bid on them all,there was no way I was gonna win this, it was way too valuable, but lo and beold the next morning all these elementium bars in the mailbox, and I was amazed and dumfounded! The moral of the story is bid on absolutely everything!