How Much Gold Do You Have in World of Warcraft?


Riches is not “how much gold do you have”.

Being rich is not “how much gold per hour you can make”.

After all, who buys a car based on “how many miles has it driven?” Or “how many miles per gallon can it do?”

The sign of a car’s power has always been “How fast can it get from 0-60mph

The sign of riches is accelerating from Zero Gold Per Hour to the speed that you want, when you need to.

In other words:  “Are you able to buy what you want, from any source, when you want it?”


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Being rich is going from 0-1million when you want to be at 1 million.

Being rich is going from 20,000 to 25,000g when you want to be at 25k.


Because gold is just a heap of pixels at the end of the day.  True riches is about power, about being able to have enough pixels to get the thing you want, when you want.


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  1. the gold queen
    the gold queen says:

    Its not the perfect analagy because lots of people are very satisfied with a miles opera gallon car or a gold per hour strategy. I demand more than that.

  2. Cat
    Cat says:

    Ok, so I aam not getting these to my email….How can I make sure i get them to my email, I am subscribed to your blog and have gotten a few emails sent directly from you. But have yet to recieve your actual blogs, but I would really like to get them to my email. Can you help me?

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