Fun and Fireworks in New Dalaran

Engineering module

Reaves Module: Fireworks Display Mode

This engineering item is an add-on, an extra, to Reaves.

The schematic is taught at level 104, so around now is a good time to look into selling Fireworks.

Engineers will want to try out their fireworks display module at least once!

Fireworks can be bought for flipping from an NPC in Jade Forest Pandaria

Buying Fireworks

Huo the Firestarter sells red green and blue fireworks for a few copper each.

You can find him on a bridge between the Arboreteum and Jade Serpent Temple.

Pick up a few stacks while you are there and you won’t need to go back for a month.


Buying Firework Patterns

You can also try flipping (buying for resale) the fireworks patterns. They are for sale in Stormwind (blue), Booty Bay (green) and Orgrimmar (red).

Patreons, you can watch the video showing these purchases on the gold guide website.

Readers, you can also check out their location on Wowhead.


Thanks to Leo for the heads up.

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