How to deal with competitors

Remember – your competitors are also your (potential) customers.

If they have gold, it’s ok, they can then buy your things.

It’s ok for them to get gold as well as you.  Their richness does not harm or threaten you.


You have the following options

Undercut them. This could mean much cancelling and reposting, and lower profit.

Overcut them.  This is my version of “buy low, sell high” but without doing the buy low myself, allowing someone else to do the buy low part.  Simply wait for their item to sell, then sell yours at the price that you want.

Diversify.  Sell something else. Sell lots of other things. Or use the item you were going to sell to make something else.  Herbs > ink > glyphs.

Sell to them.  This is not a cop out or fail. A sale is a sale is a sale.

Nothing.  Wait it out. You don’t need to sell every single item every single day.

[box type=”warning”] Your competitors are also your (potential) customers. If they have gold, it’s ok, they can use it to buy your things. [/box]


There are two ways to have the tallest buildings in the city. You can knock your competitor’s buildings down. Or you can build yours bigger.  I like building more than I like destroying.


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