Consumables for Mage Tower Challenge

The Mage Tower challenge is ending with Battle for Azeroth.

After Warcraft patch 8.0 you can still earn some of your artifact appearances but not the base Mage Tower ones.

The Mage Tower base appearance must be earned during Legion, but the tints can be unlocked after Legion


Which consumables for Mage Tower?

Mage tower consumables are much like raid consumables.  Pre-raid, you would make sure you were fully gemmed and enchanted.  Then you would also grab food, flasks, potions, maybe drums or augment runes.

Other items that *might* be usable:

[Brazier of Awakening] if timed right

[Slyvan Elixir] Can be used inside Agatha’s challenge only.  It gives you a 10% stats buff.

Mats are Dreamleaf and Ancient Healing Potion (from Yseralline Seeds)

Mage Tower Flasks

You want to use [Flask of the Countless Armies] even as a tank. The materials for this is Starlight Rose, Aethril and Foxflower.

Healers, grab [Flask of the Whispered Pact].  The materials for this are Starlight Rose, Fjarnskaggl, and Dreamleaf.


Mage Tower Potions

[Lightblood Elixir] for Agatha – as it does extra damage to demons. The material used is Astral Glory herb.

Otherwise, [Potion of Prolonged Power] which is crafted by an alchemist with Bind on Pickup [Blood of Sargeras]


Mage Tower Drums

[Drums of Fury] are crafted by leatherworkers, these work like a Heroism/Bloodlust buff. You need 5 Raw Beast Hide.


Mage Tower Food

You want to use [Spiced Falcosaur Omelet] which is crafted with super cheap Falcosaur Eggs.  Pick these up when you’re farming your Stonehide Leather from falcosaurs.

Otherwise, [Bear Tartare] is the food of choice, as this also gives increased movement speed.  The mats are Fatty Bearsteak from bears, and River Onion from the Dalaran cooking vendors.



Mage Tower Runes

Not all players have their Lightforged Augment Rune and Felpurposed Fel Focuser, especially if they are trying to get Mage Tower appearances on their alt/s.

Sell them [Defiled Augment Rune]s.  Pick these up from Raid bosses, or flip them on the auction house. As a reminder, flipping something is when you buy it at a low price and resell it for a profit.  How do you know what price is profitable?  Trade Skill Master has an easy to use guide to market prices. Sort the prices according to percent of market value.

Here I’m using TSM4, which will be released soon (TM).

Flipping Augment Runes

Set yourself a target sale price (and remember, be flexible, this price will move over time!) and then buy items under that price, and repost for profit.  How to choose a target price?  By watching sales carefully, checking the maximum that the prices go to.  Somewhere between the maximum and the average is where you will aim, depending on your lust for gambling or for steady profits. Remember, that target sale price is going to plummet when patch 8.0 hits so get the sales in now.

In the above TSM4 example, I see 172 runes posted at 45g, and I would set my price at 44g 99s.

When buying Defiled Augment Runes, remember to bear in mind the cost of posting the item on the AH, and the 5% sales tax!  (Some players have joked that the 5% Auction House cut goes to the AH goblins, or to the goldmakers hehe)


Here comes the tweetable!

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Mage tower consumables groups and strings with Tradeskill Master

It is very likely, if you are a Tradeskill Master user, that you already have groups made which include the Mage Tower items.

If this is so, then make sure you create a brand new profile before making this group.  Otherwise, either the items will be grabbed out of their old groups and put in the new group.  Or they won’t be grabbed at all and your new group won’t be effective.

How to make a new profile in TSM4

Go to “settings” and type in a new profile group name.  Click ‘create new profile’

How to import group string in TSM4

Choose Import/Export

Cut n paste in this string


Auctionator Group for Mage Tower Consumables

Instead of disrupting your TSM groups, why not create an Auctionator group instead.


Auctionator Import Guide

  1. At the Auction House window, open the Buy tab at the bottom.
  2. Then click Manage Shopping Lists on the left.
  3. A new window pops up.
  4. Open Shopping Lists, then click Import.

Cut n paste the text in (I’ve written it below for you)

Select Mage Tower Challenge from the dropdown list and “Search for all items”

Auctionator String to cut and paste:

*** Mage Tower Challenge
Ancient Healing Potion
Astral Glory
Bear Tartare
Defiled Augment Rune
Drums of Fury
Falcosaur Egg
Fatty Bearsteak
Flask of the Countless Armies
Flask of the Whispered Pact
Lightblood Elixir
Raw Beast Hide
Starlight Rose
Sylvan Elixir

Guide to Mage Tower Challenge Success

Are you doing the challenge yourself, not just trying to make gold from it?

Wowhead has the best guides 

Good luck, hope you get rich, and let me know how you get on.


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