The Auctioneer NPC Project

There are 60 auctioneers according to Wowhead

The Auctioneer Project is an idea I’ve had to visit all the auctioneers on this list and take a screenshot.  Of course, that will take quite a while to visit them all, so I’d like to ask you for a little help.

Take a screenshot of your FAVOURITE auctioneer npc, and leave a reply with the screenshot (try photobucket or imageshack for uploading screenies) plus your character, or alt, and tell me:

  1. The name of your auctioneer
  2. The date of the screenshot
  3. Where the Auctioneer lives
  4. Why that npc is your favourite.  Nearest to resources, least busy, scariest face, you can write what you want here.
  5. How often you visit that NPC

The auctioneers of Azeroth of a neglected and un-thanked bunch of NPCs and we’re here to put that right lol

My own favourite:

  1. Auctioneer Jaxon
  2. 14th August 2011
  3. Stormwind Trade District
  4. Jaxon is my favourite because she was parked at the door in the old SW AH, and therefore the first target for marauding horde or sneaky undead rogues.  She’s one tough cookie, maybe because she’s related to Officer Jaxon the elite guard?
  5. I don’t visit her very often because I’m more usually interested in the Dwarf area AH.  It’s closer to the portal hub out of SW and less crowded over there.
Jaxon in the Old SW AH

Jaxon – One Tough Cookie

Which Auctioneer NPC will you adopt today?


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