What is AHSpy?

AHSpy is another Auction House data comparison website, and today announced localization for French, Spanish and German. They now cover all US and all EU realms, taking data straight from Battle.net to ensure that every datum is correct.

AHSpy charts highlight good deals

The charts on AHSpy are particularly bright, simple, and therefore easy to use.   You can use them to discover and check for good deals when you’re considering buying an item for investment from the Auction House.

As well as the charts, there are lists of quantities available to buy on the AH, and from which sellers. Of course, you can also use this to check if your competitor is posting that item.

AHSpy sales graph

Click for larger image

Here, we are looking at the details for Mountain Silversage  (click for a larger image).  We can see immediately that the price is very volatile, which is perfect for an item for investment.  Remember, we buy low sell high.  It seems the maximum price for Mountain Silversage according to AHSpy was around 3.5g each, whilst current prices are 49s. Which offers a potential profit of 3g.

Not only that, but from the graph we can see that the average, normal price is 2g, and so the current 49s is not only below the maximum price, but well below average.  The quantity line, shown in grey, agrees with this potential, as the number available are much more than normal.  This would be a great time to stock up and invest.

I hope you will try out AHSpy today and that it is useful for you when you are looking for good deals in your own Auction House.

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