Ore Shuffle

OMG.  How could I have ignored this amazing gold opportunity for so long? How did it take me until January to realise exactly how valuable and profitable the new ores could be?

Luckily our hero OreCrusher is here to help! Downloadable from Curse at http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/orecrusher.aspx

OreCrusher (or The O.C. for short) is a simple in game helper for Prospectors.
Shows you expected results from prospecting and disenchanting, raw values, transmute value, and max profit values.
Pulls prices from Auctioneer or AuctionLite/Auctionator/AuctionMaster.

Which saves us time opening up our ore>gems>jewellery>disenchant mats>scrolls transmute spreadsheets, taking the guesswork out of “should I buy this ore at this price, and prospect it in order to make gold?”


The Disenchant window


 What is a Shuffle?

In World of Warcraft, a “shuffle” is when you transform one item into another, aiming to add value.  For example, buying ore, and creating jewellery.

The best shuffle is moving one item into another repeatedly, adding value at every stage, until you end up with something worth considerably more than you paid.

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