MySales and Accountant are two addons that are often recommended for players who want to track the gold they make in World of Warcraft Auction House. They’re both basic tools.

MySales addon

When you open your mail, MySales keeps track of who bought your auctions and can display the informing in a table. MySales lists the number of sales and money earned since it was installed. There is an option to remove old data plannned for the future.

Mysales has three window panes, inside which you can reorder the displayed data table for easier reading.

  1. Sales. Order data by item name, money made per sale (income, not profit), buyer name or chronological order
  2. Buyers. Order buyers alphabetically, by number of items they bought, or total amount of gold they’re paid you.
  3. Items. Order item names alphabetically, by amount sold, by total money made from items with that name, or by money made per sale of that item.

Where to get it: Download MySales addon from Curse

Popularity: 6,452 downloads from Curse

Function: type /ms window to open table display.

Pros: Simple, easy to understand, easy to install, easy to read lists, lists easy to order.

Cons: No minimap button. Buyers name missing may be due to opening mail too fast. Gives only an overview of what has sold, to whom, and for how much.




Accountant addon

Accountant addon basically tracks your income and expenses in warcraft, including your sales from the Auction house. It also keeps track of the amount you receive or spend on vendor items, taxi fares, direct trade with another character, mailing costs, and other sources. It also tracks how much gold you have in total, across all your characters.

It’s possible to track data for each character, or a total for all characters.
This means you can buy an item with one char, sell it with another, and yet see the profit made across your entire account.

Piggy Bank. The Cache feature allows you to hide a certain amount of gold from the addon. This could be used if you had 100,000g and wanted to keep 80,000g aside, and only use 20,000g to trade. You would type 80,000g into the cache, which hides it from view, but does not change your actual amount in hand. You could then see how much gold you had earned using only the 20,000g as your working cash amount.

Where to get it: Download Accountant Addon from Curse

Popularity: 48,839 downloads from Curse.

Fuction: click the Accountant minimap icon.

Pros: Very easy to use, although changing options with tabs and dropdown lists is more complicated than MySales.

Cons: You must log in to each character before it can be shown in Accountant. If your alt holds all your gold and you don’t log it in, you won’t see that amount included in the total. You cannot see who has bought which item from AH or for how much. Can’t track what item/s you spent gold on.



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      JMTC have listed another couple of sales tracking addons I didn’t know about, so follow the link to decide if both MySales and Accountant should die, and another addon might be better for you.

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