How to Mail To Your Alt Using TSM

Trade Skill Master 3 allows you to mail items across to your alts.

You can sort your items into groups according to rules you specify, and only send that group.

For example, you could decide to post all your Salvage Yard items on the AH until a maximum number of expires. (see series on Salvage Yard Crate green armor sales)

Then to sell the expired items to a vendor EXCEPT the ones that are worth more as disenchanted materials. (see guide on how to vendor items in a group)

The items left in your bags

  1. have expired over the specified number of times
  2. are worth more as disenchanted mats than to a vendor

Therefore you want to mail them to your enchanting alt to disenchant them.


How to set up a Trade Skillmaster 3 mailing operation

Open your Trade Skillmaster 3 typing /TSM

Select the group that you want to put the operation on.  In the example, we’re putting an operation on ‘greenies’.

Click the purple crystal ‘groups’, then choose the name of the group, and then choose the ‘operations’ tab.


Make sure that there are no mailing operations already associated with the group (TSM won’t be able to mail the same item to two alts!) then click ‘create new operation’.



Call it something like send_for_disenchant

Then simply tell TSM where to sell the item


Make sure that you have already vendored the items you want to vendor from that group, that the items in your bags are items you want to send to that character (in this example, to our enchanter character).

At the bottom, click the TSM_Mailing tab. Then at the top click TSM Groups. Click the group which your new mailing operation was attached to. Then “Mail Selected Groups”


If you want to test before you send, TSM has a feature that allows testing.


“Control Click to perform a dry-run where Mailing doesn’t send anything, but prints out what it would send (useful for testing your operations).”


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