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Cold’s Gold Factory asked World of Warcraft Gold bloggers to write in response to his request for information for unusual and over-looked gold making UI addons for auction house experts who may have missed them. That means not the usual addons that made my Essential Warcraft Addons list, and not the addons from my Gold Queen Curse Addons Pack.  I think that means I’m even banned from preaching the joys of using pen and paper to note down materials costs and selling prices and working out profit margins for yourself.  Phooey.

Introduction to Glance Addon

I’ve found this little treasure, called Glance, that you can download from Curse. Glance gives you a little bar along the top of your screen (resizeable under /glance options).  At first glance (get it?) it looks like fubar (no longer updated) or titan panel.

What I like about Glance is the simplicity to install, and to use.  It gives you a quick check on several important pieces of information you might want to know, one of which is your gold and also your gold per hour.  Regular readers will know that I’m quite focused on gold per hour, time is money friend.

You can also see information such as number of emblems/points, friends online, guild mates, armor repair percent, rep, professions, lag, fps, memory usage (can be useful for finding which addons are slowing you down), mounts, pets, location, and a handy local time/server time clock.  Mouseover any of the data on the info bar for a detailed popup window. Professions, for example, tells my level 1 alt he should get off his butt in the Exodar AH and farm Silverleaf if he wants to advance his herbalism. Then it tells him in which zones where to find the Silverleaf.

Glance professions

Glance professions window

It’s a nice way to have all the information neatly tucked away in a slim bar without having to install the tricky parts of titan panel.   I’m not interested in having a bar that takes a lot of time to set up and arrange.

I’d recommend Glance to gold makers who want to have data at their fingertips. I personally thought that I might uninstall it after concluding the review, but I think I’ll keep it, simply because it’s so small and unobtrusive and a nice little way of having the information easily to hand. Name’s cool too.   Here is what the author wrote on Curse:

Curse addon info for Glance

  • A quick look at how much gold you have. Tooltip shows gold for each of your toons, Horde and Alliance, and totals.
  • A quick look at how many honor, justice, and valor points you have.
  • A tally and list of your friends, Real-ID friends, and guildmates that are online.
  • Armor durability as a percentage. Tooltip shows repair cost and average item level
  • XP in percentage with a tooltip showing rested XP left, XP to next level, etc.
  • Reputation in percentage with a drop down menu listing what rep you have with what faction.
  • Profession tracker showing what your skill level is, and a drop down menu to list all professions and their levels. For mining and herbalism, it will show you what you should be mining and where.
  • Lag time and Framerate. Tooltip shows all active addons and their memory use.
  • Mount list dropdown sorted by air land or sea. Click to mount.
  • Pet list dropdown. Click to summon.
  • Wintergrasp and Tol Barad battleground timers.
  • Current location by Zone and subzone, map coordinates and a clock.
At a Glance

Click for larger Glance img

Glance Options

  • All features can be turned on or off in the game interface.
  • A mount list lets you select which mounts you want to show on the bar.
  • A pet list lets you select which companion pets you want to show on the bar.
  • Auto-repair can be turned on or off.
  • Glance can automatically move the player and target frames down to make room for itself.

Glance Macros

  • /glance random Summons a random mount best suited for the area you are in.
  • /glance randomair Summons a random flying mount.
  • /glance randomland Summons a random land mount.
  • /glance randomwater Summons a random water mount.

Glance Slash Commands

  • /glance hide Hides the Glance bar.
  • /glance show Shows the glance bar.
  • /glance options Shows the Glance Interface Options panel.twitpiAbout the Author

    The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.


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    Bolder63 says:

    Wow sexy addon I can eliminate/replace several broker modules with this, going to check it out. I don’t usually get too excited by an addon but Glance looks like a dream come true lol.

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