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This post is about barking, i.e. advertising in trade (and OCCASIONAL yells) and includes some screenshots of my silly adverts, and tells you about Cold’s Mysterious Fortune Card guide, a guide that can teach you how to craft and sell mysterious fortune cards. Cold is famous for his funny barks: the way he advertises the cards on trade chat.

Here are some of his adverts:

Are You Sitting Half Naked In A Beanbag Chair Eating Cheetos?  Well Buy Some [Mysterious Fortune Card]s off the AH Now  You Won’t Get A Life, but You Could Win 5000 gold!

New Messages, New Players, New Winners!  Grab Some [Mysterious Fortune Card]s off the Auction House.  Tons of Fun…5k Jackpot possible from just 1 ticket.

Who’s Gonna Win the 5k Jackpot?  [Mysterious Fortune Card]s Fully Stocked on AH.  Are You Feelin’ Lucky, Punk?  Your [Fortune Card] Awaits

Mysterious Fortune Cards in stock on the Auction House now!  Your chance at winning the 5k Jackpot. If you win the [Insert Epic 5k Fortune Card Here] from one of MY CARDS, I will buy it back for 5.5 k gold – That’s a 10% PRIME BONUS!


Why you should advertise in trade

“Another strategy is to bark the prices up.  This is easy if you have a macro set up to bark in trade.  By now you know that Fortune Cards don’t sell much unless you are barking.  Sure you can get some residual sales or return buyers picking up more off the auction house, but if you are wanting to move large volumes of cards, you simply must be barking in trade chat.” Cold, of Cold’s Gold Factory

I agree completely with what Cold says here.  When I am not barking, advertising in trade chat, then my cards will sell one or two at a time for 8g each.  When I’m advertising, I sell scores of them at up to 20g each. That’s a gold profit due to advertising.

Other fun advertisers are The Tipped Copper

Scooby Doo solves [Mysterious Forune Card] Mysteries all the time! and so could you, simply buy, flip, and solve the mystery. You could win [Fortune Card]!

If you’re interested in making a small fortune by adding Mysterious Fortune Cards to your sales, take a look at Cold’s mysterious fortune card Mastery, and see if his guide is right for you.


Advertising other items

On my RP server, I became “Famous On the Internet” over trade chat for my funny adverts for gems.  I always made sure I included my name in the advert, so that players looked for my own gems in the AH.  Making your buyer laugh grabs their attention in the gentlest and most entertaining way, and reminds your buyer to pick up whichever item you’re selling.  Here are some of my own fun or silly adverts:

Does your guild master want to fill the socket in your pants?  Quick, buy one of my gems from AH!

Does your gf say you need more stamina?  Solid Ocean Sapphire on AH now.

Ladies, looking for more penetration?  Stormy Ocean Sapphire on AH

WTS Deepholm Oil (check the tooltip) if you need a little extra personal help  (note, this advert makes me a lot more sales than you think!)

(Using my character “February”, around Christmastime)  Forget the January Sales, the February Sales are even better! Gems flasks and scrolls in AH now

What you’re doing with these type of adverts is building awareness of your ‘brand’ and raising your profile in a way that makes potential buyers see you more as a mate than as a random seller.  Players prefer to buy from mates or familiar names.  Just look at the branding success of any big name sellers in your supermarket.  Heinz, Coke, Oreos.  These guys can price their items higher than the competition and still make more sales.

Talking Points: Do you have any funny adverts that you use in trade chat? Have you tried Cold’s Mysterious Fortune Card Guide?  Do you need a little extra penetration in your pants? Ahem, forget that last question on second thoughts!


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