Selling Elixir of Giant Growth on the World of Warcraft Auction House

This is an example of flipping, aka “buy low, sell high”.


How to find an item to flip on the AH

Two places to start looking:

  • the Wowuction website Bargains section
  • the TSM website Great Deals section

These two sites give you an easy list of items to buy for a resale profit.  Make sure you check the item before you buy it.  Why it sells, who buys it, what it can be used for, whether the price is an outlier, whether someone is trolling you or manipulating the market.  Then buy, and flip for a resale.


How to learn to flip on the Auction House

Everyone wants to know how to learn to flip and the answer is not an easy one.

Watch what you are crafting, what you are looting, and look at the prices on the Auction House when you sell.  You will start to learn the normal price levels for your item, roughly, without having to check the TSM database or look the item up online.

If you sell a lot of potions for example, then you will notice which days, and which times the prices spike.  Demand will go up just before raid times when guild leaders call the faithful to battle. This maximum price is the one you will aim for, always.  Do not sell when the items are below this price.

If the item/s are significantly lower than the price, then you BUY.

Unless there is a reason why they are suddenly coming down, eg oversupply, been replaced by something better, no longer wanted.

[box type=”warning”] Learning to flip is not easy because the prices are different on each server. You must put the “hard work” in, and learn the prices yourself.[/box]


How I flipped Elixir of Giant Growth

Elixir of Giant Growth drop a lot from the garrison missions, and players just slap them on the Auction House for the cheapest price.  I consistently saw mine selling for about 90 silver to 1 gold.  When I posted some for 20-30s, I immediately saw them sell and therefore learned the price was too low.

This is when I knew that the item was flippable on my server.  That I could buy them for anything under 50s, and aim to sell them for as near to 1g as possible, taking undercuts into consideration.

Trade Skill Master Accounting Module tells the rest of the story.

Elixir of Giant Growth

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Total price spent 80g 99s 87c

Total gold earned 957g 2s 5c

Total profit made 876g, 21s

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