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I have relented to the endless adverts from Curse Gaming and paid up for the pro version of Curse Addon Client.

I feel a bit naughty, as the pro version is quite an indulgence, but I bought it as a “treat” for myself, fooling myself it was a necessity for The Gold Queen.

I have to say I’m bloody glad I did get the pro addon client because my first trip from hospital to home (for an hour) and I found myself with nearly 30 addons to update.  With the free Curse Client, I would have only been able to queue 2 at a time, but with the pro version I just clicked [Update All].  I know 30 is a lot, but I have different sets and different UIs according to which situations I’m in.

I keep a very sparse Raid UI on my main. I don’t raid anymore, but cleanliness and efficiency of information is a hard habit to break.  Then there’s off spec, PvP, the massive set of gold making addons, RP addons with convoluted back stories, and I have class specific addons now I have almost all classes at 85.

Curse first inspired me with their Blackwing Lair movie (can’t find it on the interwebz anymore) and they’ve worked their socks off getting better and better since.  It was high time I paid up to reimburse their work.

Thanks Curse, keep on gaming!

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