Introduction to Craft Ninja

Ever wanted to spy on the other WoW players around you, checking what they’re crafting, so that you can investigate those items and discover if they were profitable or useful for you?

I’ve just stumbled over a new addon, developed by Sapu with help from Aeg of The Consortium which does just that.

Craft Ninja

Updated this month, July, so it’s currently up to date. It’s a small, useful addon that displays the crafting messages of players around you.  Try using it in the Auction House, and understand what all the gem-crafting noises, and disenchanting twings actually mean.

You can also turn on ‘trade skills’ for the blizzard window which can also display which items players are crafting, however, CN’s strengths lie in its customisation ability, especially the GUI.


Craft Ninja

Click to see GUI. Names blurred to protect the innocent !

 “Type ‘/cn’ to print out a list of slash commands. There is a basic GUI for showing a consolidated view of the crafts that have been tracked (‘/cn gui’). The data is just tracked on a per-session basis.”

Click to see the GUI.  Choosing a player’s name brings up a list of which items you have seen them craft.  This guy is obviously a leatherworker.

Where to get it:

Curse Addons:



Aeg’s Craft Ninja Guide on the Consortium forums

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  1. Darkfriend337
    Darkfriend337 says:

    It’d be useful for those of us who don’t have every skill as well. Whose crafting lots of fortune cards? maybe he’d craft yours for a price. Who’s smelting ore? Would he smelt yours? Who can supply you with cheap gems, the jewelcrafter who doesn’t want to shuffle everything? And so on. Knowledge is power- Scientia Potentia Est!

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      You’re even sneakier than me 🙂 Now that I have all but one profession maxed, I would mostly use this as a “fingertip knowledge”, it would add to the general information about what was being made on the server, and in what quantities and by what type of person (raider, casual, bank alt?).

      Seeing a lot of something made? Why? Reverse engineer the system.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi Lightsader,
      Information is knowledge 🙂
      When you can easily see what other players are crafting, you can:
      1) Find your competition, and check what other things they are making
      2) Get a feeling for what items are in demand on the server
      3) Discover what other players are making, so you can research WHY they are making them. Is there a market you are missing?
      4) Even discover new customers. In the pic above, is Alystriel crafting jagger jaspers to level his/her jewelcrafting? Perhaps they would like to buy that stack of zephyrites you have in your bank?

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