Building a 30,000g Passive Income with Inscription – Part 2

Getting your Scribe

I started without a scribe, but I had a character on my old server.

So the first thing I did was transfer my scribe over from my old gold-making server to my current home.

Character transfer cost me £17.


Character Transfer


A server transfer comes with a limit of 50,000g but my character only had about 3,000g.  I had invested heavily in herbs, crafted glyphs, and let the auctions expire and not picked them up from the AH.  So I had no herbs, an occasional glyph in my bags, and only level 90 inscription (skill level 600).

Character gold transfer limit

Character gold transfer limit

As soon as the transfer went through the first thing I did was research how to get my skill level up and learn the new glyphs.  That prompted a quick visit to Wowhead’s inscription guide.

I was in a rush, so I bought the 100g Draenor Inscription item to learn my level 700 inscription, from the trainer at Ashran.  The most important thing that happened while I was leveling my Scribe was the Research: Warbinders Ink

Discovers a glyph recipe that uses Warbinder’s Ink. If you know all the Warbinder’s Ink glyphs, you will instead learn a glyph that uses any lesser ink.

And with my 3000g I was able to get enough cheap herbs to learn all the glyphs.

Although the War Paints can be used to craft expensive items, for building a passive semi-automated income, the glyphs will be providing our regular gold.

Somewhere to store the Glyphs

With my scribe now ready to make glyphs, before I got to work, I spent some gold on buying a guild bank which had several tabs available.  I’ll be using this to store the glyphs, because my plan is to have 2 on the Auction House at any time, and store up to 18 of each type in the bank once I have enough herbs milled to make them all.


The guild bank looks like this when I make glyphs and store them


Next session: Setting up Trade Skill Master to make the glyphs, store the glyphs, post and restock the glyphs. 

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