Bagnon Addon Review

Reviewed by KylieBoy EU, part of the Massive Gold Blueprint Speedrun team

Bagnon is a great addon to manage banks and bags across all your characters.

  • Items are colour coded based on Quality (Purple, blue, green, white)
  • All your bags display as 1 bag to make finding items alot easier plus the frame is moveable as well.
  • This is the same for the bank as well.

You can search alts very easily and see what they have in there bags as well. This can also be used as above with banks as well. So if you are a crafter with lots of materials spread across your alts its an easy way of tracking them.

Very nice addon and very simple and light to use. You only need to log into each of your characters once for bagnon to remember what character has what 🙂


Download Bagnon from Curse

Slash Commands
  • All commands can start with either /bagnon or /bgn
  • /bagnon keys  Toggles the keyring frame
  • /bagnon bags  Toggles the inventory frame
  • /bagnon bank Toggles the bank frame
  • /bagnon config Displays the main options menu
Bagnon Addon Review

Bagnon Addon

Search Syntax
  • Bagnon 2.0 uses the same search syntax as Combuctor.
  • To find an item by name, simply type the items name. Typing silk will find all items that have silk in their name.
  • To find an item by type, subtype, or equip location, type search weapon will find all weapons. main will find all main hand items.
  • To find an item by quality, type quality epic will find all epic items. You can also use a quality number. 0 will find all grey items.
  • To find an item by name, type n:name. muffins will find all items with names containing muffins.
  • To find items in an equipment set, type s:equipmentSet. fire will find all items in equipment sets you have with names that start with fire
  • Searches can be negated using !epice will find all items that are not epic.
  • A union of two searches can be performed using the | operator. Typing epic|weapon will find all items that are either epic OR weapons.
  • An intersection of two searches can be performed using the & operator. Typing epic&eapon will find all items that are epic AND weapons
  • The following search keywords are also supported:
    • boe “ Bind on equip items.
    • quest “ Items with quest item in their tooltips.
    • bop “ Bind on pickup items.
    • boa “ Bind on account items.

From Curse Download site.

Having trouble with Bagnon?  There is a list of FAQ and for Troubleshooting at the Bagnon addon Wiki


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  1. Kazibo
    Kazibo says:

    I like to spend my free time by reading various internet resources and today i came across your blog and I think that it is one of the best free resources available! Well done! Keep on this quality!

  2. fluxdada
    fluxdada says:

    AdiBags is my bag addon of choice. It organizes by smart categories. Give it a try and you’ll never go back to normal bags.

    And I have to ask. Is this just a rehashed article from a random-esque author. It just doesn’t have that TGQ flair. Apologies if I’m wrong. Maybe it was the clickbank link from the author that threw me.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      I was chatting with Kylieboy (aka Froststrike) on teamspeak over on MGP and he mentioned Bagnon. I don’t use any bag mods myself, I’m happy with where everything lives, and worry about losing things!

      I asked Kylieboy to write a review for readers who want to use a bag addon.

  3. adam
    adam says:

    Great review of a great addon. For people dealing in many stacks of items it is extremely helpful1 Nice work GoldQueen

  4. Vayaz
    Vayaz says:

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I always thought that those “all in one” bag addons look like a huge mess! I actually like my separated bags, that way I can sort things easily and always know where something’s located.

    PS: Isn’t the font size in this reply form a bit too big? The usual 12px should be sufficient, I suppose.
    Yeah, and I’m also missing a ‘Preview’ button, though that’s something that I have to add to my own blog’s commenting function, too.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi, I don’t like big bag addons myself, but it can be a personal preference, so that’s why I asked Kylieboy to do the review.

      I think I’ve got the text comment box down to 14px but finding the reason why there are two ‘reply’ links you might have to live with, unless I suddenly learn php 🙂

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