The value of your auctions can now (2015) be easily discovered by using Trade Skill Master, however, before this was available, back in 2010, I found a new addon called Big Picture which snaps-on to Auctioneer Adv addon, and gives you information on the values of your items in your bags and posted on AH.

It can be used to see how much  auctions are worth, roughly. So if I feel downhearted that my current ‘float’, ie liquid gold, is low, I can see that perhaps I have spent more than normal on items which are now up for sale.


Anyway, I can use it in my current project to find out how much gold I’m “worth”. I will use this as my starting point, which I will measure again in a few weeks time.

Here is a ROUGH look at my three servers where I play AH:
1 Alliance 44k
2 Alliance 48.8k  + Horde 3.5k
3 Alliance 2.6k

Total 98.9k  (*2010 figures!)

Then add in my float, that’s gold I have available in my bags, 156k, to get my total worth:

98.9k+ 156k


(ps I made another 2,000g whilst I was writing this post!)