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Weird WoW things to buy

WoW Hearthstone Soap – Gaming Caffeine Soap


Don’t ask me *why* I was browsing for World of Warcraft soap  (Should I change my name to the Gold Clean?) but when I found this caffeinated soap in the shape of a hearthstone I was inspired to search for some other funny things that you can buy online from World of Warcraft.  So I proudly present

“Weird WoW Things to Buy”


OCZ OCZMSNIA NIA – Neural Impulse Actuator Control World of Warcraft with your MIND. Weird.


Alternately, maybe you want

  • A Thrall Mask
  • Health Potion
  • A laptop lapdesk
  • Book about how to write WoW Addons
  • Night elf ears
  • Lionheart sword
  • Rubber Forsaken Chin


Whatever floats your boat. Weird!

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  1. Weird not wierd just saying

    • Thank you! changing now :)

  2. Ah, yup yup. Adblock’s to blame. I’ll take a look at those. Thanks. :)

  3. There are actually two of those in the widget (perhaps you have your adverts blocked?) underneath. One is

    The second one is

    I’m afraid I haven’t read either of them, I just thought they might be something not normally considered by TGQ readers.

  4. I’d love the book about writing addons. What’s it called?

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