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Truegold Prices in 4.2

Truegold Prices in 4.2

Did you stockpile Truegold for 4.2?

Did you count your chickens before they hatched?

I’m seeing something interesting in my home server about prices of Truegold in 4.2

Truegold prices climbed before the patch, as players stockpiled, then peaked about 6 hours after the 4.2 release, and fell slowly but surely back to pre-4.2 prices.  And today I started to see Truegold for sale in the AH at prices below the previous prices.

What I saw was players stockpiling, then artificially driving the prices high in a delirium of greed, then panicking wildly as everyone else did the same and the prices dropped, before finally throwing their entire stock at the Auction House for ultra low prices in desperation!

So that’s why I’m buying a few truegold bars today at under value prices, and will resell them over the coming fortnight at just over their normal value.  If you missed the sales peak, please check your server for price crashes where players have panicked and are selling their stockpiled items for under their correct value.  A few days ago I saw one player in Dalaran merrily transmuting dozens of dream emeralds in the hope of selling them for a fortune after the patch comes. I wonder how they feel now, with no rise in Dream Emerald prices.

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Euripedes of WoWinsider has noticed it too.

Please don’t go crazy though and buy truegold at your server’s normal price and hope it will suddenly magically surge in a few days, just look for the normal peaks and troughs in the price wave and sell a few at a time at a good price.

My forecast for Truegold prices: a slump as players panic sell their stock, then a slow and bumpy drive upwards as the new patterns become available over the coming 4-6 weeks.

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gqsig Truegold Prices in 4.2

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  1. I’ve been buying up several of the cheap truegold and hawking them in /2 trading for the raw materials. Some people will even tip me for it. I then send these materials to my 4 transmute spec alchemists and repeat. Any proc I receive go into my GB. I have done this for about a week now and and am up 6 extra treugolds.

  2. Been stockpiling before 4.2 (reached 210 bars), managed to sell about 50 at a medium price 50% bigger then the value i have bought /made.
    After patch, i posted all i had left at 100% price, only to get other stockpilers to post theirs under me.One days later, due to panic (over 300 truegolds posted in AH) i managed to buy under around 120 truegolds at lower prices then the normal one before 4.2
    I did this move with spaming volatile water,fire and air and also pyrium bars (posted at normal prices, but with same ”panic” to follow) and so i encouraged the transmuters to sell their daily bars also cheap.
    After this move, i just waited to my auctions to expire…now, the prices are back as before 4.2, but i increased my stockpile to over 300 bars.
    I still beleive that the epic crafted weapons will sell, since the boe FL ones are still over 20k on my server, and the boe crafted ones will cost about 5k to make at current prices on my server.So, only adding 50%, the price would be like 7,5-8k.
    Now, the boe drops from FL will drop in price…but i don’t think will drop under 15k on my server.

    So, the question for a non-raider / alt / poor player would be : a 365 ilvl weapon for 7-8k or a 378 ilvl weapon for 15k+?
    Since they non-raiders/alts/poor people, the answer is obvious.

  3. Yes on my server, same thing, slow climb, prices peaking and then a collapse a couple hours after patch.

    As for me, I was stockpiling truegold for use when I get the recipes.

    And yes Mathew, Gems and enchants were a gold mine I couldn’t keep up with. And boy did I cream :)
    Sadly enchant sales stopped for me mid-afternoon due to a complete drying up of shards, not crystals :(

    • For shards, check:
      cheap tailored blues, cheap blacksmithed ‘ornate’ items for disenchanting. Or you could bite the bullet and go for a few non-zandalari heroic runs for some heavenly shard drops. Even nicer if you have the guild perks bonus!

      Good luck with slowly selling off the items you didn’t squeeze into the sales peak.

  4. This is just more evidence that the major masses of WoW players that follow gold blogs are just doing what they were told to do without knowing the reasoning behind the stockpiling and when to unload the stockpiled items. The demand for these currently isn’t much more than prior to the patch. Once players start to unloack the vendors and can purchase the recipes, the value will start to climb. Then as the majority of the first wave of crafters start to get access to the patterns, they value with jump much more sharply.

    Just remember to know why you are stockpiling and have a plan for unloading those items at their highest peek of value. It’s good to have your plan and strategy lined out before you even start the stockpiling process.

    • Thanks for those ideas Cold, I find it’s a good boost to confidence to also have a use for the items if you don’t manage to sell them on AH. Perhaps it’s time for me to level a blacksmith, the only profession I miss! Are you seeing any peaks with belt buckles too, or have they dropped off again?

  5. I am hoping that the prices will increase in 30 days! However by then people will probally have weapons from Firelands and will only need the crafted weapons for alts or for people that dont raid and chance are them people wont be the ones willing to pay more than 500g per Truegold but we will see.

    • It might be a good idea to reach out to your guild or friends and see if anyone plans to craft them and get them to place an order ahead of time, in case everyone else on your server is thinking the same!

    • Not everyone will be geared to run Firelands. My guild still hasn’t managed to complete the pre-4.2 raids, but we raid on occasion. My server bites for raid completion, but people are raiding. Especially 30 days in, I think there’ll be a demand

  6. The huge boon from this patch was Gems! My JC isn’t maxed yet so I didn’t catch the biggest boon, but I did catch some of the gold opportunities. My JC has been selling Nightmare Tears (the best prismatic gem) to level 80+ that seem to still believe that only prismatic gems go into prismatic sockets. (Who am I to argue at quickly selling gems at 450 – 500g a pop?) and my Enchanter sold just about every enchant he had in multiple numbers within 6 hours, most within just a couple since I had made a posting just 15 minutes before our servers went down.

    I’m definetely a small fish, but I think I’ll be a bigger fish by the next patch… *sly grin*

    • Oh… PS… I also have just over a full stack of Truegold and making one more each day… and have bought a few cheaply. I’m still expecting a surge, if not a spike at days 31 and 36 (unlocking 1st and 2nd vender). From what I’ve read, those new patterns need 8 truegold each. If these guys are smart, they’re buying some of it as they do their dailies… but let’s face it, many of them won’t be smart and even the smart ones will quickly run out at 8 needed for each one – and once they’ve sold one or more, they’ll have more gold to pay for those needed mats, like TG. ;-)

  7. You are really doing yourself a disservice by not picking up truegold and hardened elementium while they are below market price. with the amount that each recipe takes of each, these will surely fly off the shelf faster than they can be obtained. I am inclined to wait a week or two after the first players unlock their recipes. the reason is two_fold; first more people will have unlocked recipes, and second, the initial supply of raw mats will be exhausted, creating an even higher demand, with less supply. Of course this is all speculation, market could crash and TG may only go for 100 gold, but I doubt it.

  8. I didnt bother with TrueGold – instead my back enchants and pristine Hides were selling like hot cakes. At 1 point i was also controlling the whole Volatile market as well but it got to mental after to many people started dumping there stocks.

  9. yea, kinda regretting the 120k in truegold. I hope come day 30 prices surge

  10. Yes queen, as with the previous responder, I am looking for 30 days out on this one and more.

    As with you, I continue to pick it up. Given I have approximately 150 bars I am really holding out for it to climb with the pattern releases and will buy up to 200 – 250 total bars…

    • I have this little wierd idea never to buy too much of something that I couldn’t use myself as a ‘fall back’. And I dont have a blacksmith, so I really shouldn’t have the 20+ bars that I have stockpiled. Naughty me.

  11. I stockpiled truegold and did my research. It’s going to take about a month for people to unlock the vendors with the new recipes and the Firelands drops don’t require them. Gonna hold out till August to sell them. I wish I waited a few days with all the other markets though, could have made a bit more gold.

    • Did you make some gold with other markets?


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