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First I’d like to share another tip with you.

My nickname is “The Gold Queen”, and I’ve been where you are now, starting to make gold in World of Warcraft. I tried farming mobs, grinding ‘secret’ spawn sites, grinding for hours looking for things to sell, and working my backside off doing boring dailies again and again.  I’m just an ordinary World of Warcraft player, no different to you.

Since the release of The Burning Crusade, I’ve increased my gold to a level where I routinely make over 20,000g every single day.

That’s 7,628,500 gold a year.

Seven Million Gold
What can you get with 7,628,500g ?
  • 170 Vial of the Sands rare mounts
  • 76,000 Flasks for raiding
  • 508 Epic Chopper Mounts
  • 1 Million Gold Cap on 7 characters

Can you really make that much gold? It’s easy, I can show you how!

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