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Student Warcraft Player Needing More Gold



No time to learn the basics of WoW Gold Making?

About You

Your friends play WoW and you want to look cooler than them.

You are in school until late, and Warcraft is a real distraction. Sometimes you don’t even get your studying done at home because you want to complete “just one more arena”.  Your new raiding guild want you to stay later and play harder.

Suddenly you need to fund your flasks, food, gems, enchants, spellthreads, belt buckles or leg armor. You don’t know where you will find the time, or the gold to get everything done.

You’re not just a beginner, you’re really smart, you just don’t know where to start.


Do these WoW gold making questions seem familiar?

Why is gold making so complicated and time consuming?  How will I ever learn all these addons?  Isn’t there an easier way? Is making gold even legal? Do I just chop wood or something? What, you can really make gold with cooking and fishing, nahhhh!  Should I start with gathering, or with scanning the Auction House with Auctioneer?  Isn’t Trade Skill Master better, anyway? Do I need alts, to make gold? Why are addons so confusing and frustrating?


What to do


My Advice for teens and students needing more WoW Gold.

  • Stop impulsive buys.  Research before you spend gold on anything. Can you find it cheaper somewhere else? Do you really need it?
  • Save the gold you earn from quests and heroics. You can’t spend it on crap *and* save it up for the item you want to buy.
  • Look at other ways to get gold. If you are particularly skilled you could try selling your services as a tank/healer/ pvp booster.
  • Bite the bullet and do some farming. Try some of my posts on gathering: Fishing, Skinning, Mining, and Herbalism. Googling “Saronite Ore Farming Route” takes 5 seconds. You did
  • Consider using your professions. Hey, if you spent a lot of gold in maxing up a profession, you might as well put it to work. Let me recommend Lil’Sparky’s Workshop Addon.
  • Start researching AH prices.  Start with pen and paper, then move on to using the addons. Read my addons guides.
  • Start a daily routine. A few regular habits are the backbone of regular gold income.  Complete your daily quests, check your auctions are posted, look for professions cooldowns. When I started making gold, I wished I had a checklist that I could print and tick off, a to-do list for making gold.  So I wrote one for you.  You can get a free copy when you join the newsletter list.
  • Join the mailing list When you subscribe to the regular posts, you get motivation and encouragement.  I share my latest tips, and reminders about old tricks.  
  • Use a Teen’s Warcraft Gold Guide. Students have different concerns, frustrations, worries, and problems to other Warcraft players.  Time problems is the least of your worries, if you still need to fit it all together somehow. Check my Teenage Warcraft Gold Guide now.
About the Author The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 85s, 6 years expertise in making gold, and max level professions. No longer gold capped, she spent 1,100,000g in one weekend for her dream Swift Spectral Tiger and other end game epic gear. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using legit ethical trading, auction house, crafting, reselling, and farming gold making.