Spending, Rewards, Gambles, and Investments

Spending, Rewards, Gambles, and Investments Spending, Rewards, Gambles, and Investments So you think that spending gold is just spending gold?   Spending Warcraft Gold Out of your spending, you will divide up your gold: 30-90%…

They Don't Sell On My Server

"You're lucky. They don't sell on my server."   "Congrats Gold Queen, your items sold.  But my Salvage Yard Crate items never sell.  Transmog just doesn't sell on my server." "You're just lucky" "You've got a secret list" "I…
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What's Your Gold Making Secret?

WoWinsider asked what is your gold making secret at their Breakfast Topic on 8th July. I wrote a quick n dirty response on a notepad and posted it up. All these tips are timeless, and will last you forever.   Know your buyers: What…
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Ultimate Undercutting Guide

Undercutting on the World of Warcraft Auction House - Your Ultimate Guide When you undercut you get less money for a quicker financial return. In this guide you'll discover: Who is undercutting and for how much and why Types of undercuts How…

Why Buy Low Sell High Doesn't Work

1. You went crazy and over-bought, and can never get rid of all your stock. 2. You didn't watch the item price over time before buying. So you bought high by accident. 3. The price is low because noone wants it, it can't even be made into…

Can you Visualise More Gold?

Can you magically create gold? What if this really did work in World of Warcraft?  

Golden Manners for a Golden Reputation

The Argument At the risk of incurring wrath from Markco (previous author of Just My Two Copper) and Cold (Cold's Gold Factory) I'm going to comment on the current argument between the two. The argument centers around the JMTC Coaching program…

The First Rule about Gold Making

The first rule of the WoW Gold Club is: You do not talk about WoW Gold Club. The second rule of WoW Gold Club is: You do NOT talk about WoW Gold Club. As Cold in his Gold Factory and PowerWord:Gold have blogged about recently, you need to…
Sleeping Peon

Do Peons Dream of Explosive Sheep?

Work Work. Gold making can seem like work at the time, and I admit that it seems doubly so when you are not just making gold on the auction house but writing about it, implementing new designs about it, dealing with spam, replying to emails…

The shocking reason you need help to get world of warcraft gold

In a moment, I'll tell you the single most shocking reason why you need help to get world of warcraft gold. You'll learn why World of Warcraft gold guides are selling so fast, and why however hard you work, you can't break the 100,000g barrier. Despite…