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Red vs Blue

Red versus Blue wrapping paper For this Winters Veil, 2015-6, I thought I would have a little fun and challenge readers to a contest. Regular readers will recall the "Copper Rod Squad", a very old gold making method where the player simply…

Finding old items in guild banks for sale, using TSM3.

Finding old items in guild banks for sale, using TSM3. A reminder to look through your banks, bags, and personal guild vaults from time to time.   I still don't know all the tricks for the new Trade Skill Master 3 Addon. It's still…

Tradeskill Master 3 Vendoring Operation

Operation for TSM3 Vendoring Trade Skill Master 3 now allows you to filter operations according to number of AH expires. In my sell_greenies operation that I use to auction trash greens from the Salvage Yard, (see series on Salvage Yard…

TSM3 Announces Open Beta

TSM3 Announces Open Beta   TSM, trade skill master, is the most powerful auction house addon for World of Warcraft. It beats Auctioneer and Auctionator hands down.  It achieves this without getting clunky, by offering the addon as…