He Undercut Me And Crashed The Market! Help!

He Undercut Me And Crashed The Market! Help!   Recognise it for what it is Could this be walling?  Where a competitor posts thousands of items like glyphs at a set price just over the crafting cost? Is this a plain attempt by another…
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Ultimate Undercutting Guide

Undercutting on the World of Warcraft Auction House - Your Ultimate Guide When you undercut you get less money for a quicker financial return. In this guide you'll discover: Who is undercutting and for how much and why Types of undercuts How…
Typical Glyph Prices
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Why all my gold tips suck

You may or may not be aware that despite my shiny domain name and shiny new website design and free forums and email subscriptions and twitter microblog, that I've been properly blogging about gold for a little over a month.  My first few…
Typical Glyph Prices

Can you dominate the new WoW Gold microfinances?

This is a follow up to Levering the World of Warcraft Long Tail Economy with Addons.   Microfinances x multitude > few expensive sales. Profiting in…

12 Steps to Protect your World of Warcraft Gold

This post is dedicated retrospectively to Mageshadow and sent with warm gold hugs to him and others who have had their world of warcraft accounts hacked. 1. Keep your CDs and CD key safe.  You might need these if you have to contact…

The Big WoW Gold Business Ethics Question

Quite an uncomfortable word. Are you happy with your perceived reputation?  Are you comfortable with your World of Warcraft business decisions? Of course, we all want a pristine reputation; but what if you could do something…

Three Zephyrites in a Stack

The end of a long day working on my new blog design/theme (pink and girly!) and in the Auction House.  Due to the Cataclysm Obsidium Shuffle my poor alt's bags were heaving with gems, and I ended up buying a new guild bank tab to store all…
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The Darkmoon Faire Guide: part 3, Vendors.

Hello and welcome to the Gold Queen's Darkmoon Faire Guide part three.  (please note, this guide was written in 2011. An updated guide is coming soon) I'll be focusing on four darkmoon vendors: Flik Professor Thaddeus Paleo Gelvas…
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Ore Crusher featured on mmo champion

Oh dear. Seems our little secret ore > gold shuffler has been spotted and just been broadcast to just about every WoW player.   Ore Crusher addon was just featured on MMO Champion website, making 5,000g per hour now available and obvious…
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Time is Money friend

How many times have we heard this, or used this phrase to reply to someone who wondered how much gold we  could make and which is the best way? Time management is integral to making gold, basically because we want to maximise our gold per…
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My canaries are singing

My World of Warcraft Auction House Canaries are Singing. A surprise profit from Cataclysm - GLYPHS! Yes, you read that right, Glyphs! One of the side effects of player's focus on Cataclysm, and the new Cataclysm items is their complete…
Typical Glyph Prices

60k hello

That's how much I'm sitting on right now in pure profit from the last 3 days work. At an roughly average rate of 20k per day, I've now made a 60,000g profit in glyphs on one server alone. I'm not expecting to make any more than 5,000g today…
Typical Glyph Prices

Pushing up prices for profit

This is a sneaky trick I invested in, which paid dividends this morning. You might be able to use it, or you might just get a good chuckle. First find something in game that might or might not be being removed in next patch.  Your target…