Do you have a Pipeline?

Huh, what's a Pipeline? It's a key item that you understand completely and perfectly. A pipeline item has a market value that you know off by heart. When you know its perfect market value, you know immediately on looking at the auction…

Gold Queen meets Golden King

Indulge me briefly, please. A few minutes ago, my main got herself  a Golden King mount and a Dark Phoenix mount.   We hit level 25 guild with a 25 man heroic conclave of winds kill and I was able to buy a fitting King for the 'queen'.…

How many auctions do you have every day on World of Warcraft?

How many auctions do you have running every day on World of Warcraft? That was the question posed to my inbox two days back, just as I was in the middle of writing the free ebook that you can get for signing up to the free email subscription…
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Rare Snatch List with Auctionator

Snatch List for Warcraft with Auctionator: The Rares I have set up Auctionator to create shopping lists of rare items that I regularly scan AH, looking for a bargain that can be bought and resold at double, triple or ten times the price. Instead…

MySales Addon

A brief brag post: 2 days work 70k. It's still not enough gold per hour because I've been working hard all day long on this! This is an addon called "my sales".  You can find it here: Recommended…
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World of Warcraft Gold Cap in One Week

Gold Cap in one week Last week, I attempted to use BigPicture to total up my gold and assets tied up in auctions or stored in bags/banks. We came up with the total of 254,000g I've just finished "stock taking" across three servers, and…

4.01 - one week on

It has now been a week since the 4.0 patch arrived, bringing with it new opportunities for gold-making.  I've spent the majority of my online time doing this instead of reorganising my level 80s, testing their new abilities or generally killing…

Gold Per Day

Please bear in mind that this is only since WOTLK. 3471g MGP | 20k Leveling [author] [author_image timthumb='on'][/author_image] [author_info]About the Author The Gold…