Farming Jadefire Spirit

Jadefire Spirit Drops from Spirit of Jadefire In the cave on Timeless Isle in Pandaria Sells for 20-30,000g each at level 1 2% drop chance from Spirit of Jadefire.  Increase your luck by increasing the number of realms you visit.   Addons  Cross…
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Battle Pets Gold

Battle Pets Gold Battle Pets Gold Making gold from companion, or battle pets, in Warcraft has always been a gold mine. Back in 2010-2012, I sold a guide on how to find, farm and sell these as vanity items. Since the pet changes, of…
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Winter Veil Farming for Beginners, Advanced, or Cheeky

Winter Veil Farming Here are different ways to take advantage of Warlords of Draenor Winters Veil. From beginners farming, that a level 20 can do, through to sneaky new tips for 2015/16 Christmas season. Good luck with your gold making.   Beginners…
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Farming Spot in Shadowmoon Valley 12,000 Gold Per Hour

Two Farming Spots in Shadowmoon Valley From this farming you can get: A pet worth 4-9,000g. Herbs. Ore. A rare mob to kill which drops a fun item. An achievement. A treasure crate with a lvl 90 weapon. Another pet worth 3,000g…
Pet Sales

Warcraft Battle Pets to Buy and to Sell Now

Sell Winterspring Cub.  Still selling like hotcakes. Sinister Squashling.  Between 700-1000g if you're quick.  These will plummet to 500g, 250g, then finally 100g in October 2012.   Buy Spring Rabbits Foot: 200g or less.  They're…

Winterspring YouTube Farming Guide

Winterspring farming guide Welcome to the Winterspring video guide. I've nervously taken the plunge and included my webcam in the movie, so please leave me some feedback on that. In this guide you can learn about the rare mobs in Winterspring…

Abusing the Opposite Faction for "Lulz n Glod".

Have you tried taking advantage of your opposite faction? Horde < > Alliance Arbitrage You can buy things from the opposite faction by looking through the neutral auction houses in Booty Bay, Gadgetzan and Everlook.  At the same time,…

Reader's Letter - When to Sell Pets?

When should I sell my Christmas Pets? Dear Gold Queen, Hello! I just bought your Teen Gold Guide and Pet Shop Guide and LOVE them. Especially the Pet Shop one, because recently, on my alt someone invited me to a guild, and then the guild…

Congrats. Tarecgosa.

Congratulations, but not to me, to a guild member who obtained Dragonwrath. Guild members were able to buy a BoA pet, Lil' Tarecgosa.  I fed her a pet biscuit and she's following me around now.  I tipped over to 150 companion pets collected…

Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

[If you already know everything about the satchel of exotic mysteries, or don't want to hear my opinions, skip this post.  Satchel of Exotic Mysteries post is inspired by today's Just My Two Copper post on Argent Tournament pets by Mageshadow.] Remember…

Thousands of Gold selling Warcraft Pets

WoW Mini Guides - Your Pet Shop Business. Watch over my shoulder as I make thousands of gold in World of Warcraft buying and selling pets on the auction house. A perfect side-business for your gold making in world of warcraft that doesn't…

Harvesting Your Suckers

Dumb Mistakes in the AH that you can profit from. Apart from rare or limited availability items, would you ever buy anything from an auction house at a higher price than you could buy at a vendor? Probably not, if you're astute enough to be…

Pet Collecting Achievements in Patch 4.1

Patch 4.1 has two new achievements for pet collectors: Petting Zoo for collecting 100 pets, and Menagerie for collecting 125 pets. According to devs, neither achievement will reward any new minipet, but they'll still be nice for minipet collectors,…

AH Pet Selling Tip

Some pets, also known as small companions, are increasing in price in the Auction House.  Whilst I could have predicted some of them would rise, due to lower availability, and MUDflation (look it up, it's a real word!), here are some that have…
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Guest Post: Success With Pet Selling

Hello I'm Lynnora and I stumbled upon the Gold Queen [I was playing my bank alt in the Exodar - TGQ] near the mailbox shortly after transferring my toons to another server. Since competition can best be kept a friend, we have since shared many…