Kun-Lai Summit Cave Farming with the Bots

Kun-Lai Cave Farming   Bored of farming those turtles in Valley of Four Winds yet? Come with me to Kun-Lai Summit and check the Yeti caves. We have Ore Ghost Iron Ore Trillium Ore We have herbs Snow Lily nodes Golden…
Dark Soil

Tillers' Friendship Reputation: Dark Soil in Valley of the Four Winds

The Tillers in Mists of Pandaria As well as acting like a normal reputation faction, there are 10 Tillers NPCs with whom you can increase your faction reputation from Stranger to Best Friend. The easiest and fastest way to get rep with each…

What To Do With Your Pyrite Stockpile in Patch 4.3

Ebonsteel Belt Buckle Smelt Pyrium Bars Prospecting Pyrite Ore Pyrite to Ebonsteel Belt Buckles: plan A. Belt buckles are made using 4 volatile earth, 4 Pyrium bars, 4 elementium bars. Every new patch brings new armor, new gear. Patch…

What can Shakespeare teach you about Truegold?

'Timing is everything. There is a tide in the affairs of men which when taken at the flood leads on to fortune'Wm Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, Act 4. Truegold prices are now at a premium. With the opening of the 4.2 vendors by the hardworking…

10 Ways to Get Epic Gems in 4.2

Where could Epic Gems come from in Patch 4.2? I want to look at all the speculation surrounding the epic gems which are possibly coming in Patch 4.2. Here are ten different places that epic gems *might* come from. 1. Prospecting pyrite ore.…
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Adding Value with the Obsidium Shuffle

Adding Value with the Obsidium Shuffle The Obsidium Shuffle has always been about taking an item and adding value to it. "How much gold are you worth?" Item + u = better…

Gem Prices Cut on PTR

Uncommon cut gems vendor price reduced from 9g to 75s. Straight from MMO Champion Bold Carnelian, Solid Zephyrite, Subtle Alicite, Perfect Quick Alicite, Sovereign Nightstone, Regal Jasper, Resolute Hessonite, and any cut of uncommon gem now…

How much gold are you worth?

A beginner's gold-making equation: Item + your value = more valuable item. therefore more valuable item - original item value = how much you are worth. The very basic rule of making gold in World of Warcraft is Increase the amount…
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Ore Crusher featured on mmo champion

Oh dear. Seems our little secret ore > gold shuffler has been spotted and just been broadcast to just about every WoW player.   Ore Crusher addon was just featured on MMO Champion website, making 5,000g per hour now available and obvious…