Opportunity Cost



How Much Gold Do You Have in World of Warcraft?

How Much Gold Do You Have in World of Warcraft?   Riches is not "how much gold do you have". Being rich is not "how much gold per hour you can make". After all, who buys a car based on "how many miles has it driven?" Or "how many…

Gold Gamers are Greedy Bastards Deliberately Screwing Up The Game

Hold it right there mister! This isn't kindergarten you know. I bet you're the type who curses your team mates in CAPS in Alterac Valley when you get ganked. I've healed your crappy rogue through Molten Core because you were too lazy to bring…

CJ's Gold Making Problem - Time

CJ posted a comment on my blog about his (her?) problems with making gold: I must say that my biggest problem with goldmaking thus far has been my complete inability to post and sell during prime raid times on my server. I play on a large,…

Farming Primal Air for 100g

Why am I in (Outland) Nagrand at 05.10 in the morning?  I can answer the time question by way of a messed up body clock that us WoW players get from time to time.  However, as a gold blog writer who hates farming and often writes about how…
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Adding Value with the Obsidium Shuffle

Adding Value with the Obsidium Shuffle The Obsidium Shuffle has always been about taking an item and adding value to it. http://www.thegoldqueen.com/posts/beginners/practical-guide/worth/ "How much gold are you worth?" Item + u = better…

How much gold are you worth?

A beginner's gold-making equation: Item + your value = more valuable item. therefore more valuable item - original item value = how much you are worth. The very basic rule of making gold in World of Warcraft is Increase the amount…
Stormwind Bank

The Worst Reason that You Hoard in the Guild Bank

Hoarding in your World of Warcraft Bank Did you too buy a dozen razzashi hatchling for 500g, and tome of polymorph: turtle for 1,000g, and looked forward to making a lot of gold at the auction house? And now you refuse to sell them for 50g…
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3 Surprising Reasons to Store Stuff

3 Reasons to Store in your World of Warcraft Bank Emotional Bloopers When you've seen a high price on a cut gem, and got too excited and you've jewelcrafted more than will sell. There's no point in posting over 10 of each gem type. You'll…

Time is Money friend

How many times have we heard this, or used this phrase to reply to someone who wondered how much gold we  could make and which is the best way? Time management is integral to making gold, basically because we want to maximise our gold per…