Just a quick post to show how hard I've been working on Inscription lately: This snapshot from BeanCounter using the "glyph of" search parameters shows I made 8,846g in 24 hours. [author] [author_image timthumb='on'][/author_image]…
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World of Warcraft Gold Cap in One Week

Gold Cap in one week Last week, I attempted to use BigPicture to total up my gold and assets tied up in auctions or stored in bags/banks. We came up with the total of 254,000g I've just finished "stock taking" across three servers, and…

4.01 - one week on

It has now been a week since the 4.0 patch arrived, bringing with it new opportunities for gold-making.  I've spent the majority of my online time doing this instead of reorganising my level 80s, testing their new abilities or generally killing…

Official: Glyph Rush Over!

I'm seeing prices on all the glyphs collapse back down towards their pre-rush prices. Please bear this in mind though: Pre-rush prices include some expensive glyphs.  You can still make gold with glyphs by making these ones and…
Typical Glyph Prices

60k hello

That's how much I'm sitting on right now in pure profit from the last 3 days work. At an roughly average rate of 20k per day, I've now made a 60,000g profit in glyphs on one server alone. I'm not expecting to make any more than 5,000g today…

4.01 Patch Glyphmas

The servers just went down in Europe and this new patch brings me a whole host of new opportunities.  Some opportunities will be lost, like my reliable old gem business, but the first few days of 4.01 are going to net me a small fortune. Glyph…