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Red vs Blue

Red versus Blue wrapping paper For this Winters Veil, 2015-6, I thought I would have a little fun and challenge readers to a contest. Regular readers will recall the "Copper Rod Squad", a very old gold making method where the player simply…

AH Costs Not Rising

Hope you enjoyed the April Fool's joke yesterday. How is your gold making coming along? I have another two guides scheduled to be published this weekend.  Free as always. Hope they help you. Let me know. About the Author The Gold…

AH Costs Changes to Cover WoW Token Costs

AH Costs Changes to Cover WoW Token Costs in Patch 6.1.4   WoW Token Item Level 1 Binds when picked up "Use: Adds 30 days of game time to your World of Warcraft account."   [blizzardquote author="Blizzard Entertainment"…

Ode to the Nelf on the Mammoth

Ode to the Nelf on the Mammoth So big and so clever up on your mount I've begged you to move or lose your account Over my mailbox you've gone and parked Tagged AFK? I'm getting narked... I need to get through to pick up my gold How…

The 12 Stages of owning the Auction House

Don't vendor it, put it on the auction house! I farmed some things especially for the Auction House! I made some things to sell on the Auction House! I bought some things on the Auction House then sold them for profit I log on every…

Multiboxed shaman movie

This is a movie by a guy called "twenty totems" who controls 5 shamans at once with multiboxing.  Imagine going to heroic vortex pinnacle and all gold is yours, all loot is yours. Link for email subscribers and rss readers: I…

If Women Ruled WoW

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Hans Von Puppet looks forward to 4.2

Sometimes even us gold gamers love a bit of silliness at 3am (if you're reading this by email, I'm talking about ) About the Author The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s,…

It's April, 2011

It's the beginning of April, means a couple of things for us: 1 - Did you fall for my April Fools joke?  Damn it would be hell if I couldn't use my level one alts on the AH! 2 - It's Darkmoon Faire time!  This time we're in Mulgore.…

The Auction House Song

This song is so funny, I love it!  And I know you're going to recognize yourself in the lyrics! The Auction House song by Brad B Click to download the mp3 Lyrics Auction House While I'm still online I'll scan just one more time To…

The Darkmoon Faire Guide: part 4, Fun and Surprises.

Hello and welcome to the Gold Queen's Darkmoon Faire Guide part four. (please note, this guide was written in 2011. An updated guide is coming soon) This is the last of a 4 part series on making gold using the Darkmoon Faire. What's…

From the Daily Blink The removal of portals in Dalaran created a sudden surge in demand for portals from mages. [box type="info"] "But all of that has now paled in comparison to the vital and lucrative…