Lucky Shirts Farming

Lucky Shirts You will need: An engineer OR An alt with: a garrison with an engineer building and a follower assigner OR to buy from the AH An alliance character level 100 ready to begin the Broken Short 7.0 Scenario A few hundred gold   How…
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Potion of Luck not so lucky after all

Potion of Luck not so lucky after all Gold Makers on the Warcraft 7.0 PTR were in for an unpleasant surprise yesterday when reports came in that the Mists of Pandaria Potion of Luck no longer works. This is the main gold-making potion that…

Farming Skyrange Goats 6,000g per hour

How much? 6204g, 90s per hour   Where Skyrange is in Valley of the Four Winds The goats you are looking for are in packs (herds?) roaming along the north-south ridge of land that juts off from the monkey village. How Get…

How Do I Farm 200 Garrison Resources Fast?

How Do I Farm 200 Garrison Resources Fast?   Answer: Tanaan Jungle   Why would you want Garrison Resources? To send followers on missions - to make gold To equip ships with equipment for shipyard missions - to make…
turbo flying machine mount
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Primal Fire and Adamantite Frame Swipe

Unlimited [Primal Fire] and Unlimited [Adamantite Frame] Swipe No Farming Unlimited amounts No killing No flying around/routes Very cheap (0.94% of market value) You will be swiping these from Dealer Najeeb in Stormspire, Netherstorm,…
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Farming Cobra Scales in Shadowmoon Valley

Farming Cobra Scales in Shadowmoon Valley Cobra Scales are a very rare leatherworking material found from cobras and snakes in Shadowmoon Valley in Outland. They're highly prized for making Stylin' leather hats for transmogs. You can…

Farming Jadefire Spirit

Jadefire Spirit Drops from Spirit of Jadefire In the cave on Timeless Isle in Pandaria Sells for 20-30,000g each at level 1 2% drop chance from Spirit of Jadefire.  Increase your luck by increasing the number of realms you visit.   Addons  Cross…

Isle of Thunder Farming

Isle of Thunder Farming In the same way that we recently revisited Timeless Isle, I've been researching whether returning to Isle of Thunder, in Pandaria, is a good gold making resource for World of Warcraft players. You will need to be…
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Winter Veil Farming for Beginners, Advanced, or Cheeky

Winter Veil Farming Here are different ways to take advantage of Warlords of Draenor Winters Veil. From beginners farming, that a level 20 can do, through to sneaky new tips for 2015/16 Christmas season. Good luck with your gold making.   Beginners…

Revisting Timeless Isle Guide

Timeless Isle Guide Gold without the crowds Mists of Pandaria players will remember Timeless Isle.  It was a grindfest, but also hosted a legion of hidden secrets, including Bind to Account armor tokens which reawakened alts. Last Thursday…

Raiding for Gold: Cataclysm 25 Man Heroic Farming 2,288,000g

Raiding For Gold: Cataclysm 25 Heroics Today's TGQ is a guest post by Vittoriya.  She shares her tips and expertise for running Cataclysm 25 man raids, and the amount of gold you can make.  I'll hand over to Vittoriya now:   8,000g…

Farming Felwood

Felwood Complete Farming Guide   Felwood Rares Guide Rare mobs in Felwood Alshirr Banebreath 45 Cida 45 Death Howl 45 Grovepaw 45 Ragepaw 45 Blackbog the Fang 46 Mongress 46 Thicket 46 Duskcoat 47 Needle 47 The…
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Cross Realm Farming Part 3 - Heavenly Herbs

Cross Realm Farming Part 3 - Heavenly Herbs Tanaan Jungle Cross Realm Herb and Ore Farming - New Technique What if you could make herbs and ore appear at your feet? Would you be interested in that?   Part 1 in series introduces…

Return to Mists of Pandaria: Treasure Finding for Gold

Return to Mists of Pandaria: Treasure Finding for Gold   Farming the treasures of Pandaria Pandaria Treasures (lost and found/relic hunter) offer a range of items, from Bind on Account, to items for professions, to grey poor quality…

More Farming in Tanaan Jungle

More Farming in Tanaan Jungle Following up with my last blog post, 24 hours after the patch launched, which focused on Felblight farming. Fishing for Felblight is still my biggest gold maker in Tanaan Jungle.   You'll notice…

Farming Felblight in Tanaan Jungle

Farming Felblight New item that drops from Tanaan Jungle Gathered by Fishing, Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning. You will use this to upgrade all crafted gear from 685 to 700,  (30 Felblight)  and finally from 700 to 715 (60 more Felblight) Also…

Gold Farmer or Gold Maker?

Gold Farmer or Gold Maker? There has been some discussion around the different terms "Chinese Gold Farmer" and "Warcraft Gold Maker" over on my twitter. (follow me @thegoldqueen) Some people use these names interchangeably.   What…

Why 12,000g per hour is Absolute Bulls**t

Why 12,000g per hour is absolute, er, rubbish. Recently I posted how you can "make 12,000g per hour in Shadowmoon Valley".  Today I'm here to tell you that this is a load of boll*cks.  Why is that?   1) Drop rate is dependant on…
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Farming Spot in Shadowmoon Valley 12,000 Gold Per Hour

Two Farming Spots in Shadowmoon Valley From this farming you can get: A pet worth 4-9,000g. Herbs. Ore. A rare mob to kill which drops a fun item. An achievement. A treasure crate with a lvl 90 weapon. Another pet worth 3,000g…

Farming Isle of Giants 2016

Farming Isle of Giants Farming is good for making gold, but it gets very boring very fast, and the amount that you make is limited by the mobs and your killing ability not by your intelligence and quick wits. That's why I recommend farming…