I Need Dis - Why looking at need will help you make gold

"I Need Dis" When you have a need for an item, or a service. Whether for fun, for achievement, for raid, for pvp, for RP for goodness knows what. When you need something in World of Warcraft, watch how you acquire it. Step outside…

Spending, Rewards, Gambles, and Investments

Spending, Rewards, Gambles, and Investments Spending, Rewards, Gambles, and Investments So you think that spending gold is just spending gold?   Spending Warcraft Gold Out of your spending, you will divide up your gold: 30-90%…
Minion of Grumpus

Flipping Minion of Grumpus, Buy to Resell

Flipping Minion of Grumpus, Buy to Resell Flipping means buying an item to resell at a higher price. It's time to buy your Minion of Grumpus Even if you do not intend to resell your Minion of Grumpus, you can use my advice to acquire…

They Don't Sell On My Server

"You're lucky. They don't sell on my server."   "Congrats Gold Queen, your items sold.  But my Salvage Yard Crate items never sell.  Transmog just doesn't sell on my server." "You're just lucky" "You've got a secret list" "I…

Free Gold Making Email Course Launched

I launched my Free Gold Making Email Course over the weekend, and livestreamed on Twitch.TV to promote it. Totally thrilled that 136 players have joined the Gold Making email course in the first 24 hours. What can you learn? 1. The…

How to Reverse Engineer All Your Sales - for results

Reverse Engineering a Sale Players come to me on twitter or email me and ask "where can I get lots of gold?" and I have to tell you guys: "you're doing it wrong". You're thinking from the end goal, rather than the methods! I think…

Gold Farmer or Gold Maker?

Gold Farmer or Gold Maker? There has been some discussion around the different terms "Chinese Gold Farmer" and "Warcraft Gold Maker" over on my twitter. (follow me @thegoldqueen) Some people use these names interchangeably.   What…

He Undercut Me And Crashed The Market! Help!

He Undercut Me And Crashed The Market! Help!   Recognise it for what it is Could this be walling?  Where a competitor posts thousands of items like glyphs at a set price just over the crafting cost? Is this a plain attempt by another…

Make It Last - the Thrill of the Tease

Winning the Game When you've played enough computer games, you know that if you sit and sweat over a game, any game, be it WoW, Angry Birds or Donkey Kong, whatever; if you work it like a job will find the weak spot.  Just squeeze and *POP*…

What can Shakespeare teach you about Truegold?

'Timing is everything. There is a tide in the affairs of men which when taken at the flood leads on to fortune'Wm Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, Act 4. Truegold prices are now at a premium. With the opening of the 4.2 vendors by the hardworking…

The Bitter Disappointment of Gold Cap

What will you do once you reach the gold cap? How would you spend it? part of the JMTC Blog Carnival Hey guys, ever really really been attracted to a gorgeous girl (or guy) and flirted your heart out, and been slightly disappointed when…
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Why all my gold tips suck

You may or may not be aware that despite my shiny domain name and shiny new website design and free forums and email subscriptions and twitter microblog, that I've been properly blogging about gold for a little over a month.  My first few…

10 ways to make quick gold in world of warcraft

      Need to make gold quick in World of Warcraft? Farm cloth - grind humanoid npcs your own level. Complete a daily quest. Buy pets from the snake vendor in Orgrimmar or the crazy cat lady in Elwynn and…

The shocking reason you need help to get world of warcraft gold

In a moment, I'll tell you the single most shocking reason why you need help to get world of warcraft gold. You'll learn why World of Warcraft gold guides are selling so fast, and why however hard you work, you can't break the 100,000g barrier. Despite…

How many auctions do you have every day on World of Warcraft?

How many auctions do you have running every day on World of Warcraft? That was the question posed to my inbox two days back, just as I was in the middle of writing the free ebook that you can get for signing up to the free email subscription…
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Guest Post: Success With Pet Selling

Hello I'm Lynnora and I stumbled upon the Gold Queen [I was playing my bank alt in the Exodar - TGQ] near the mailbox shortly after transferring my toons to another server. Since competition can best be kept a friend, we have since shared many…
Stormwind Bank

The Worst Reason that You Hoard in the Guild Bank

Hoarding in your World of Warcraft Bank Did you too buy a dozen razzashi hatchling for 500g, and tome of polymorph: turtle for 1,000g, and looked forward to making a lot of gold at the auction house? And now you refuse to sell them for 50g…
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3 Surprising Reasons to Store Stuff

3 Reasons to Store in your World of Warcraft Bank Emotional Bloopers When you've seen a high price on a cut gem, and got too excited and you've jewelcrafted more than will sell. There's no point in posting over 10 of each gem type. You'll…

The Big WoW Gold Business Ethics Question

Quite an uncomfortable word. Are you happy with your perceived reputation?  Are you comfortable with your World of Warcraft business decisions? Of course, we all want a pristine reputation; but what if you could do something…
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Warcraft Tips from Monopoly

What would you prefer to have? Gold now, or More Gold later? It's not as simple a question as you first thought, is it.  How much gold now? How much gold later?  How much later?  What would I lose if I choose later?  If I choose now,…