He Undercut Me And Crashed The Market! Help!

He Undercut Me And Crashed The Market! Help!   Recognise it for what it is Could this be walling?  Where a competitor posts thousands of items like glyphs at a set price just over the crafting cost? Is this a plain attempt by another…

How to Deal with your World of Warcraft AH Competitors

How to deal with competitors Remember - your competitors are also your (potential) customers. If they have gold, it's ok, they can then buy your things. It's ok for them to get gold as well as you.  Their richness does not harm or threaten…

Did I Accidentally Scam Someone?

I bought Sulfuron Hammer from the AH for 1800g and I know they meant to list it at 18,000g.  I feel really bad, what should I do? I've run myself ragged today, posting glyphs for 8 hours. I was babysitting them, cancelling undercuts and reposting.…

For The Win - Farming and Addiction

Gold Farming in For the Win The book For the Win was mentioned in the comments to an article on the Guardian's website "China used prisoners in lucrative internet gaming work" It is estimated that 80% of all gold farmers are in China and…

Zero Sum Economics in World of Warcraft

I have been thinking a lot about Zero Sum today.  It started with reading a quote in a book: "When faced with a choice between abundance and scarcity, choose abundance.  ... Scarcity involves hoarding, and abundance involves sharing ... the…
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What is your most devious gold making strategy?

What is your most devious gold making strategy? The title of Mageshadow's JMTC Blog Carnival calls for bloggers to reveal their most devious gold making strategy.  I rub my hands with glee because it would be a perfect time for me to preach…

12 Steps to Protect your World of Warcraft Gold

This post is dedicated retrospectively to Mageshadow and sent with warm gold hugs to him and others who have had their world of warcraft accounts hacked. 1. Keep your CDs and CD key safe.  You might need these if you have to contact…