Pet Sales

Warcraft Battle Pets to Buy and to Sell Now

Sell Winterspring Cub.  Still selling like hotcakes. Sinister Squashling.  Between 700-1000g if you're quick.  These will plummet to 500g, 250g, then finally 100g in October 2012.   Buy Spring Rabbits Foot: 200g or less.  They're…
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Icy Cloak

Icy Cloak Transmogrification A wonderful transmog item is the icy cloak.  I first sold this in 2006 ish to a PVE / levelling up character who wanted a set of white armor, and matched the Icy Cloak with a White Wedding Dress. Recipe: Icy…

Abusing the Opposite Faction for "Lulz n Glod".

Have you tried taking advantage of your opposite faction? Horde < > Alliance Arbitrage You can buy things from the opposite faction by looking through the neutral auction houses in Booty Bay, Gadgetzan and Everlook.  At the same time,…
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Guest Post: Success With Pet Selling

Hello I'm Lynnora and I stumbled upon the Gold Queen [I was playing my bank alt in the Exodar - TGQ] near the mailbox shortly after transferring my toons to another server. Since competition can best be kept a friend, we have since shared many…