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Battle Pets Gold

Battle Pets Gold Battle Pets Gold Making gold from companion, or battle pets, in Warcraft has always been a gold mine. Back in 2010-2012, I sold a guide on how to find, farm and sell these as vanity items. Since the pet changes, of…
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Winter Veil Farming for Beginners, Advanced, or Cheeky

Winter Veil Farming Here are different ways to take advantage of Warlords of Draenor Winters Veil. From beginners farming, that a level 20 can do, through to sneaky new tips for 2015/16 Christmas season. Good luck with your gold making.   Beginners…

Spending Apexis Crystals

Turning Apexis Crystals into Gold Learned from Reckles of the Your WoW Money podcast Hi guys, just a short post from me today to share what I learned about Apexis Crystals.  The Your WoW Money podcast recommended turning your crystals into…

Elixir of Giant Growth - How to Flip and get Results

Selling Elixir of Giant Growth on the World of Warcraft Auction House This is an example of flipping, aka "buy low, sell high".   How to find an item to flip on the AH Two places to start looking: the Wowuction website Bargains…
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Burning Crusade Epic Gems for Profit

Burning Crusade Epic Gems for Profit Why buy the old gems? 6.1 brought new battle pets into Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple and Hyjal Summit (raid not zone). A new raid collection achievement was added to encourage pet collecting in TBC raids. As…

Bid on the Auction House when the Server is about to go into Maintenance

Bid on the WoW Auction House Server Maintenance is once a week, 03:00 early Wednesday morning in the EU, and 3am PST early Tuesday morning for North American servers.   Why Bid? Bids are almost a leftover from the days when the Auction…
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Transmog TSM String Lists for Import to TSM Shopping Groups

Transmog Trade Skill Master Snatch Lists and Groups I lost all my TSM lists.  So when I needed to make some more, I went to see what was available in the community first. My new TSM transmog list is based on Phat Lewts Mog group, and Keelhaul's…

Mysterious Essence and the Enchanters Shuffle

New for Mists of Pandaria Step by Step instructions for profiting   Background to the Mysterious Essence Shuffle In Wrath of the Lich King we had the saronite shuffle. In Cataclysm we had the elementium shuffle. In Mists of…

Mists of Pandaria Prices

Fluctuating Mists of Pandaria Prices Prices on the Auction house for basic Mists of Pandaria items are in flux.  Basically we have massive demand, matched with massive supply of basics (ghost iron ore, green tea leaf, exotic leather), yet…
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How To Make Auctionator Shopping lists for Inscription inks in World of Warcraft

How To Make Auctionator Shopping lists for Inscription inks in World of Warcraft Transcript Hi this is Alyzande here, writer for the Gold Queen . com, the world of warcraft auction house and gold gaming blog. Today I'm going to be showing…

Essential Cataclysm Addons

Must-Have Addons for Cataclysm [A proud member of the Not So Secret Society Best of January Blog Collection ] These are some of my favourite addons for buying, selling and keeping track of my auctions and gold making online. 1. Auctioneer Download…
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Rare Snatch List with Auctionator

Snatch List for Warcraft with Auctionator: The Rares I have set up Auctionator to create shopping lists of rare items that I regularly scan AH, looking for a bargain that can be bought and resold at double, triple or ten times the price. Instead…