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Red vs Blue

Red versus Blue wrapping paper For this Winters Veil, 2015-6, I thought I would have a little fun and challenge readers to a contest. Regular readers will recall the "Copper Rod Squad", a very old gold making method where the player simply…
C) One list

How to steal a snatch list - is this even legal?

How to steal a snatch list Is this ethical? I've been asking myself all day. But if others could do it to you, I'd prefer you to know first!   First, here is My Competitor's Snatch List TSM2 group [learn_more…

Gold Farmer or Gold Maker?

Gold Farmer or Gold Maker? There has been some discussion around the different terms "Chinese Gold Farmer" and "Warcraft Gold Maker" over on my twitter. (follow me @thegoldqueen) Some people use these names interchangeably.   What…

What is a Long Tail Alt?

A Long Tail Alt is the New Bank Alt New Bank Alt Readers who have also seen my stream at will have noticed I spend a few hours per week on what looks like a mid level bank alt. I recommend you do not have a bank alt,…

Inscription Robin Hood

We Have a Robin Hood "Hello Gold Queen! I have a question. "On my server, I'm selling glyphs. A few weeks ago, sellings glyphs was no problem. Then I started getting some serious competetion. "We made a 'group' (a 'pact' if you will)…

World of Warcraft Auction House PvP

A puzzle for you. I came across this situation at 8am, after a long night of gem dealing.  Cut gem prices were very slow to sell all night but were maintaining a high price at 150g all night, until 7am, when a rogue trader entered the market…