With this guide you can fish Albino Cavefish and sell them raw, at a rate of 204 x 250g fish an hour. Or to craft them into Deepstone Oil for further profit. Or to craft the oil into Vial of the Sands for even more profit.

Why Farm Albino Cavefish?

With the rush to access new markets in Shadowlands slowing down, it’s time to look at ensuring that your full gold making capability is in action. For Alchemists, this can mean crafting the [Vial of the Sands] mount. Even if you don’t have the pattern (available from long slog of archaeology) you can still profit. Shadowlands gold making is the hot topic in 2021, but it would be foolish to ignore old world gold making to complement your main income.

Albino Cavefish. How much?

Over 200 fish per hour, at 290g (EU, a little less in NA) gives you a good, reliable income.

Craft the fish into Deepstone Oil is TSM is showing you it is profitable. As always, never depend on one item, spread your assets over different items. Sell some as fish, some as oil, some as Vial of the Sands mounts.

How to Farm Albino Cavefish?

Albino Cavefish are fished from Cataclysm zone Deepholm. You can reach Deepholm by taking a portal from Stormwind or Orgrimmar. For Alliance players, the Cataclysm portals in Stormwind are located at The Eastern Earthshrine in Stormwind at the coordinates 74.49, 18.43. You’ll find The Eastern Earthshrine to the northwest of Stormwind Keep. For Horde players, the Cataclysm portals in Orgrimmar are located at The Western Earthshrine in the Valley of Wisdom at the coordinates 50.07, 37.81.

In Deepholm, Albino Cavefish can only be fished from special schools in the eastern part of the zone. Most of these are outside, but there is a cave at 68.98, 68.28 which usually has 2 schools available inside. Fishing in the schools gives mostly Albino Cavefish but also some Volatile Water. Fishing in the normal water in Deepholm will only give you Sharptooth fish and Lavascale Catfish, old cooking mats.

Albino Cavefish Farming Map

Albino Cavefish Farming Route

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