The end of a long day working on my new blog design/theme (pink and girly!) and in the Auction House.  Due to the Cataclysm Obsidium Shuffle my poor alt’s bags were heaving with gems, and I ended up buying a new guild bank tab to store all the gems that I prospected.


Today’s jewelcrafting daily was Nibbler! No! which required jewelcrafters to cut three zephyrites and hand them in to the quest giver.

I decided to post my zephyrites on AH for 27g each, 3 times their normal price.  I was undercut by quite a few people, posting their zephyrites in stacks of 1s, 2s or 10s.

Because I had posted my zephyrites in stacks of 3, they sold quicker and at a higher price than the cheaper zephyrites that had undercut me. Buyers couldn’t be bothered to click three times to buy singles, and they don’t want to buy 10 and have to resell the other 7.

They want their zephyrites packaged nicely, ready for retail!

Now I’ve sold them all, time to prospect some more ore!

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