Social Herbing in Warcraft Legion

Remember Social Fishing at the end of Warlords of Draenor?

Several players could join a garrison group and fish together and share the loot.

Social Herbing is when a group of players work together to share their loot.


Part 2: Seed Raid Farming

In part 1 of this series I covered collecting herbs in a group of guildies.

Here’s another awesome way to get thousands of herbs: from cooperatively planting seeds and sharing the herbs that spawn.


What is a seed raid in Warcraft?

From the Guide to Seed Raids on Reddit:

“a seed raid is a raid of up to 10 people joining to plant their Legion herbalism seeds and gather the herb nodes that spawn. This works because as you may know, up to 10 characters can gather the same herb node during the 15 seconds after the herb is gathered, and planting a seed of a specific herb causes an herb node to spawn.”


  1. Herbalist over level 100, with rank 3 Felwort, (and preferably Aethril rank 3)
  2. 25, 30, 50, or 100 seeds, depending on the decision of the leader.  Aethril, Dreamleaf, Fjarnskaggl, Foxflower, and Starlight Rose Seeds are used.  Not Felwort or Yseralline seeds, sorry.  NOTE If you don’t have Felwort rank 3, you’ll be asked to bring extra seeds because you won’t be looting seeds during the raid.
  3. Weak auras with a special weak auras string.
  4. Discord, if you want to use the discord group to group up.
  5. An addon to speed up looting, I use Autolootplus, downloaded from Curse.
  6. Check the Reddit Seed Raid guide, and the FAQ / Help pages on the Discord server.
  7. A cooperative and friendly spirit!

” The WoW Seed Raid Discord is an excellent community resource, it was taken over by some members to restructure it and support the seed raid organisers (of which there are over a dozen between both factions and regions). There are very simple guidelines that are described before each raid and everyone is very helpful in answering questions. If the seeds are cheap on your realm it might be worth looking in to, I’d certainly recommend it!  ” Gumdrops from Trade Skill Master


This is part 2 of a 2 part series in Social Herbing.  See part 1, Guild Herb Farming here

These screenies were posted by players organising their seed raids in discord



If this is the amount of herbs you would like to gather in one farm, get yourself over to the discord and help organise a seed raid.

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