Sky Golem Gold for Engineers

Sky Golems were solid gold for Engineer crafters at the beginning of Legion.

With a sky golem mount, players can harvest herbs without dismounting.

Now that flying is released in Legion, with patch 7.2, sky golems can also fly around the Broken Isles.


May 2017 prices for a Sky Golem: EU 90k // US 73k

Sky Golem market value 2017

Sky Golem market value 2017

By the way, see that exclamation mark next to Standard Deviation (!)

That means that the item is a great item to consider for flipping, buying at a low price on the Auction House and re-selling at a high price.



Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source, Bind on Pickup, crafted once per day (per engineer alt!).  Costs 10 ghost iron bars

Craft it every day on every engineer character, don’t forget. Add it to your daily list.


Living Steel

Alchemy transmute, 6 trillium bars or 3 bars and 3 spirits of harmony

The daily cooldown of 6 trillium bars is slightly cheaper to craft.

If you do not have an engineer alt, you can still profit from the rush for Sky Golems.


Engineer, and don’t have the Sky Golem mount pattern?

Look for this item in Pandaria

Schematic: Chief Engineer Jard’s Journal drops from mobs in Pandaria, try picking it up while farming Siege of Orgrimmar or Throne of Thunder.

Item also teaches:

Advanced Refrigeration Unit (36 slots cooking bag), Pierre (pet), and Rascal-Bot (pet)


Feeling Greedy?

While you’re on your engineering alt, craft this item too

8,000g minimum for a level 1 pet, up to 20,000g for a level 25 pet (2017 prices)

Mechanical Pandaren Dragon is very useful in pet battles.


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