Every profession can make a profit

This should have been written into your mantra from day one of your adventures in Azeroth.  We have talked about it many times how each profession can make some profit (yes even Fishing and Engineering).

Even the quasi profession of Pet Battling can make a profit. It just takes some planning and some time to rake up major gold.


Bring On the Gold Making Knowledge

My Pet Battling profits started by leveling one of my pets to level 25.  The reason this is important is because you cannot add to your journal any level 25 pets that are purchased until you have hit level 25.  In this case I leveled up my Anubisath Idol.  He dropped for me on one of my runs through Temple of Ahn’Qiraj.   Took me about 3 hours to level (I took my time over the weeks, so that would be three hours of actual pet battling time).  During this time I also added to my collection through the different leveling zones.

After he hit level 25 I picked up a couple of pets that I knew could be repackaged and sold.  When looking for the future captives of other battlers I wanted the more rare pets that people weren’t stacking on the AH.  This cut out a lot of the holiday pets and easily purchased pets.  I decided to power level my Ghostly Skull (found in the Dalaran sewers). While power leveling him from level 1 I dropped in one of my higher level pets to protect just in case there were issues with taking on the wrong type of pet.

Leveling Bobtheskull (yep, that’s what I named him) took about an hour and a half.  The basic idea is to throw him quickly into the ball from the start,  let him have one round (and make sure he survives) then drop the hammer for one of the higher leveled pets.  After you win all of the pets that are used in combat receive the XP (and any bonus XP for the pet being a higher level). 


How Your Server Works With Pet Gold Making

Profiting with Bobtheskull is where you have to learn the way your server works.  If you have a strong pet battling group then you can drop your newly minted level 25 on the market for the going rate plus a premium for the time it took to level your toon.  The rarer the pet is, the higher the sales price the pet should be put in.  So a pet such as Lil’ Bad Wolf from Karazhan should be placed at a higher cost than one that can be purchased and sold quickly.


Two Paths to Gold Greatness

There are two paths you can take when selling your pets.   You can go for the quick turnover on sales.  If it takes your pets an Avg of an hour of game time to level and you sell them quickly then you are filling the need quickly.  The problem with this theory is that there is a limited amount of players willing to pay for higher level pets.  Once that quota is full (the ones that actually have the money to spend on a luxury item) then the sales will dry up.


Cutting Your Time Down in Pet Gold Making

World quests can offer Pet Charm.  These are also offered at your class hall missions board as well as random drops with pet battles. If you look at a class hall missions that offers pet charms.  Your goal is to get the bonus item with the Pet Charm missions that offer bonus charms.   Some of them add up to 25 charms if completed.  

25 Pet Charms will buy you a Ultimate Battle Training Stone from Lio the Lioness

In Dalaran (there are other places you can purchase them but this is the most central)

This jumps your pet to level 25 with just the amount of time that was spent finishing and completing the Class Hall Mission.


A Rare Pet to a Profitable Rare Pet

From Lio the Lioness you can also purchase Marked Flawless Battle Stone which will

Increase many of your pets worth when going on the Auction House.

The other thought process is to make sure that the pet is going for a higher price.  Even at 10x the sales cost of a lower level pet.  This will put a higher amount of profit in your pocket and still keep the demand intact.  Basic sales technique says that if your item is continually out of stock then you raise the price to meet the demand


Expanding your Gold Making Horizonm

You can expand these ideas to your farming for those that one an extra type of income.  Paying a premium for your farming group for resalable pets can allow you to keep a different revenue stream together without tying up all of your time.  The important thing is to keep an eye on how your pet sales market is functioning.   A poor pet battling server can have you placing highly profitable pets on the market and having to list them time and time again.  A strong market can allow you to resell pets and even look at flipping pets that are listed by unaware sellers of their value.


Gold Profit Making Pyramid

Expanding your profit pyramid into Pet Battle sales can give you another road to profit as your other professions begun to wind down with the end of the Legion expansion


Good Luck and Good Pet Hunting


About the Guest Writer

Mommar began making gold his way in Azeroth 8+ years ago. Soon he took his menagerie of crafters and gatherers all the way to the legion HQ and beyond.  I’ve always believed in helping people if they ask and showing people that you do not have to be a Goblin Engineer to make gold in World of Warcraft. Many of the lessons I’ve learned in obtaining gold in WoW I’ve also adapted to my personal life. I have gained and spent over 8 million gold. Spending on personal items and helping my guildmates. Dancing on Azerothian mailboxes for gold tips is just a hobby.  I believe that everyone can make gold if they want to!